September 05, 2018

Tata Power empowers 0.80 million customers with its new digital push

Digital initiatives enable 32 percent of its overall customers to go completely digital

National: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power utility, today announced that over 32 percent of its 2.5 million customers in the country are now digital-only customers.

The company’s big digital push, which was launched during the early part of FY17, has over 0.80 million customers who are on its digital-only platform, including interactions through hand-held devices.

The first phase of this new initiative has managed to convert the entire customer lifecycle (from submission of application forms for new power supply connections to payment of bills) to a mobile-friendly digital platform, thus improving the customer experience significantly.

Commenting on the successful roll out of the first phase of the company’s digital push, Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD, Tata Power, said, “As the largest integrated power utility company in the country, customer experience comes before everything else for us. The new digital initiative is specifically designed to enhance customer experience and the high level of adoption in the very first phase of its launch stands testimonial to the success of this initiative. In the coming months, we will be rolling out more such customer-friendly services.”

Some of the key digital services offered by Tata Power across its various locations are as follows:


Mobile app

Tata Power is the first utility globally to launch a mobile application compatible with Android and iOS platforms designed on the SAP MCF platform, which gives its users a unique experience due to real-time integration with the enterprise system. Consumers can:

  1. Make bill payments using net banking and credit and debit cards.
  2. View payment history for the past 12 months.
  3. View bills in PDF format for the past 12 months.
  4. View electricity consumption trend for the past 12 months.
  5. Register queries, requests, complaints, etc.

Online submission of applications

Twenty types of applications, including applications for a new power supply connection, can be submitted online. The online application also has a list of procedures and guidelines along with instructions for submitting the form online.

Push-pull SMS

Consumers can obtain their bill's outstanding amount, prompt payment discount date, due date, last paid amount, the security deposit available, the security amount due and the status of service request / complaint, and register power failure complaints.


Consumers in Mumbai can pay their electricity bills through the Government of India initiated avenues such as Bharat Interface for Money App, Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS), Dynamic Bharat or UPI-linked QR codes (Tata Power Mumbai being the first power utility in India to launch the Dynamic UPI-linked QR code payment option and printing of the Bharat QR code on power supply bills for ease of bill payment), debit / credit cards, net banking, 15 plus e-wallets, National Automated Clearing House (NACH), and online fund transfer (NEFT/ RTGS, IMPS).

Tata Power Mumbai is also the first utility in India to launch the E-NACH facility on its website, wherein the NACH facility gets activated for consumers within two working days instead of 30 days as per the offline process for NACH registration.

WhatsApp service
WhatsApp service that is available 24x7 will help customers to resolve their queries and concerns with ease and convenience.

Tata Power’s chatbot TINA (Tata Interactive App) is available on the mobile app, web portal and Facebook Messenger page of Tata Power as an additional channel to address customer queries.

Real-time response to consumer e-mails related to power failure

Power supply failure complaints sent to the customer care e-mail ID are being responded to on a real-time basis by the call centre, wherein the response time has reduced from 24 working hours to less than two hours.

Bill desk: Consumers can log on to TPADL's website ( and pay their electricity bills by credit card / debit card, net banking, cash card and e-wallets. Further, consumers can pay through BBPS, wallets and EBPP (electronic bill pay services) as well.

Paytm: Consumers can log in to the Paytm website or mobile wallet and pay their electricity bills by wallet, net banking and debit / credit cards.

RTGS/NEFT through virtual bank details: Consumers can pay their electricity bills through RTGS/NEFT from their bank account (either online / through their branch) using TPADL's virtual bank details.

  1. Key features of the mobile app – Tata Power-DDL Connect:

The app includes new features like ‘currently running offers and schemes’, ‘Insta Pay’ option for fast and secure payment of the due bill amount, usage graph / chart to monitor the usage pattern, due date and amount payable, push notifications for quick updates on the account, new information, etc, in a fresh and more convenient user interface. 

The specially developed mobile app aims to help customers directly engage with the company and includes key features such as bill payment, account details (billing, reading, payment history, employee verification, power outage information and no current complaint registration and tracking), locating nearest payment centre with Google Maps integration and energy conservation tips.

The app also provides features such as reporting of unsafe situations (safety issues), street light complaints, no reading or misinterpretation of complaints, addition of email ID and phone number against a CA number as well as options to contact through other touch points (call centre, email, website or social media platforms). 

  1. New and easy payment mode for its consumers: Unified payment interface in collaboration with Yes Bank.
  2. Chatbot for customers
  3. Cashless payments using mobile wallets and mobile app