August 11, 2017

Tata Power Delhi Distribution gifts kites with safety messages to school children for a safe and happy Independence Day

  • The drive aims to sensitise public at large about danger of using metallic manjha; entanglement of manjha in power lines results in tripping and electrocution
  • More than 180 schools covered under the drive

New Delhi: In a unique initiative to spread awareness among students and the public at large about the safety precautions during the upcoming kite flying season, Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL) has launched a mass sensitisation drive across its distribution area in North and North-West Delhi. Under the sensitisation drive, Tata Power-DDL is distributing 10,000 specially designed kites among children which carry safety guidelines and awareness messages on how to be safe while flying kites during the festive season.

Tata Power-DDL's Team sensitizing and distributing kites among school children during the safety drive

Tata Power-DDL’s teams are engaging with students at 180 schools, during zero hours, through sessions on the safety aspects while flying kites. The company is also putting up banners across the schools, highlighting the dangers of using metallic manjha (kite string). Metallic manjha, being a good conductor of electricity, can lead to electrocution. The manjha can also lead to tripping of overhead power lines if it comes in contact with the electrical installations.

Several incidents of power tripping have been reported in the past due to entanglement of metallic manjhas in overhead power lines, disrupting supply and causing inconvenience to thousands of consumers across Delhi. The restoration of supply in such cases takes somewhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours. To spread the message further, the company is also organising several Nukkad Nataks (street plays) and distributing leaflets in various parts of its operational area. 

In a run up to Independence Day, the safety drive will be carried up to August 15, 2017, and will sensitise people through Nukkad Nataks (street plays) regarding the dangers of metallic manjha and of flying kites near electrical installation and electrical wires. Awareness will be spread through kites, which will carry the safety message.

Commenting on the initiative, Praveer Sinha, CEO and MD, TATA Power-DDL, said “Safety comes first at Tata Power Delhi Distribution, and we, as a responsible power distribution company, take care of adequate safety measures at all times. This initiative of distributing kites to children with safety messages is a step in the same direction. I wish them a safe and happy independence day”.

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