April 24, 2018

Tata Power CGPL creates integrated education infrastructure for children through project 'Shiksha Saarthi' in Mundra, Gujarat

A developmental project supporting communities to boost educational initiatives and infrastructure

Ahmedabad and Mundra: The presence of Tata Power’s wholly owned subsidiary Coastal Gujarat Power (CGPL) has influenced the lives of the communities around its areas of operations in many ways. With a strategic focus on promoting quality education and making it more engaging and interactive for students residing in its operational areas, CGPL launched the ‘Shiksha Saarthi’ project in 2012 in partnership with Pratham.

Through this project, CGPL aims to strengthen education and improve the learning capacity of students, especially in English and regional languages, Science and Mathematics. It provides students with opportunities for learning outside the classroom through reading and library programs, science fairs and exhibitions, summer camps etc. Thereby, students, teachers and other key stakeholders imparting education are entrusted to further the Shiksha Saarthi project goal.

From conducting summer camps and library activities in 39 schools to hosting science fairs and exhibitions, the Shiksha Saarthi team has reached out to 60 schools and 2,287 children by far out of which 262 guardians have also took ownership and shown active participation. The fun and interactive activities however, are not just restricted to students and guardians. As a part of their Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) concept, 875 teachers teaching between first to eighth grades were trained on activity-based learning and strategies to build the basic competencies of students.

To mobilise communities to admit their children in schools, the Shiksha Sarthi team also conducted awareness programs on the importance of education through street campaigning and distribution of communication material. Pamphlets were distributed across 50 villages and parents were invited to be a part of ‘Pravesh Utsav’ - the School Entrance Program. 1,000 school bags and kits, that included learning material such as pictures and number cards, were given to children enrolled for the first time in school.

Talking about the initiative, KV Ghate, CEO, CGPL, said, “Education is the backbone of any progressive country. At Tata Power, our efforts have always been towards augmenting the current levels of experiential literacy in the villages that surround our project areas. We firmly believe that imparting education and knowledge to a child creates a solid foundation that allows him to go out into the world and achieve his/her dreams.

“We are happy that in past one year, Project Shiksha Saarthi has reached out to hundreds of children and enhanced the educational competencies of children living around Mundra. Such education forums are a great boost to help children accomplish their dream of seeking knowledge. These workshops have certainly helped the children learn scientific concepts through activities and experiments, which enables them to understand the topic and familiarises them with practical applications of concepts. We would like to thank the principals and students of the schools in extending their support for this initiative and participating in the event with great enthusiasm"

Shiksha Saarthi has not only helped improve the learning environment for children through better educational facilities, but also continues to augment capacities of teachers and other stakeholders who impart education while simultaneously improving learning achievement of students.