April 30, 2018

Tata Power CGPL extends quality healthcare to the communities in Mundra, Gujarat, through 'Project Arogya'

Ensures primary healthcare for the rural population via Mobile Health Units (MHUs)

Ahmedabad and Mundra: Tata Power, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Coastal Gujarat Power (CGPL), has proactively strived towards improving the social well-being and quality of life of communities living in and around its operational areas. In line with this commitment, CGPL launched ‘Project Arogya’, an initiative to reverse the situation of poor access to medical facilities and other health infrastructure in the villages of Mundra and Mandvi.

A decade ago, people in those regions had to travel long distances to avail medical facilities by compromising on its overall quality. CGPL’s objective behind launching ‘Project Arogya’ was to address this healthcare crisis faced by the rural population residing around the plant location with a significant solution. In 2016-17, CGPL extended doorstep primary healthcare through Mobile Health Units (MHUs) as a part of health support to the fishing communities.

The MHUs have been operational in 16 villages and have extended treatment and diagnosis to 18,534 individuals for different primary healthcare diseases like cough, fever, general weakness, allergies, skin diseases, joint pain, diabetes, etc. Additionally, they have reached out to 6,526 new patients. Medical check-up and medical care has been provided for students in schools. Specialised gynaecological and orthopaedic health camps have monitored more than 50 individuals with the objective of early identification and detection of health concerns.

Talking about the initiative, KV Ghate, CEO, CGPL, said, “Well-being of our community has always been at the heart of CGPL’s operations. Through ‘Project Arogya’ we aim to provide a caring, supportive and healthy environment to children, families and others in our community. We are glad to receive an overwhelming response for our initiatives and will continue to practice this philosophy in all areas of our operations”

By having village level volunteers who are trained to build community awareness and knowledge on health and hygiene, Project Arogya plans to continue conducting various health camps for communities in their villages.