October 31, 2017

Tata Global Beverages pilots its first tea cafe in Bengaluru

The first of the four pilot stores of Tata Cha opens its shutters in Indiranagar

Bangalore: Tata Global Beverages (TGB), the world’s second-largest tea company, is evaluating the out-of-home beverage space with the pilot launch of its first tea café Tata Cha. The first Tata Cha tea cafe is located at 12th Main Indiranagar, the heart of Bengaluru. The company plans to test launch four pilot stores to evaluate the consumer proposition and business model. Based on the outcome of the pilot, TGB will decide on future course of action for the out-of-home beverage space.

Tata Global Beverages' first of four pilot stores opens in Bengaluru

At the opening of the pilot store, Sushant Dash, regional president – India, TGB, said, “At Tata Cha, the essence of our offering is rooted in being authentically Indian. It is about bringing to our consumer the warmth of tapri chai in a modern environment. The balance lies in creating an experience which is premium and aspirational yet, real and authentic. With increasing disposable income, the trend of eating outdoors is on an upward trajectory. We want to be a part of this trend and through this pilot launch of Tata Cha we want to test consumer proposition; our model and feasibility. At the core of this venture is the motivation to enhance the appeal of tea and make it more vibrant for the newer consumer groups like the millennials. At our first of the four pilot stores, we bring you an extensive menu crafted to revive lost Indian recipes that blends warmth with a dash of youthfulness. This includes signature tea-based hot and cold beverages, traditional snacks, dunkers and meals with a twist.”

The menu will boast of a wide variety of healthy teas such as Cucumber Green Tea and Sugar-free Tangy Tamarind that can be paired with Oil-free Soya Kababs to suit every mood. Dilliwali Kanji and Masala Shikanji are some of the local favourites along with Meetha Paan and Rasmalai Milk Shake, Peach Iced Tea and Chili Guava Ice Slush in the cold tea offerings. The hot tea range includes Sikkim teas, Masala tea and Nimbuda Black tea. The food menu includes regional recipes from Butter Chicken Khichdi in the North to Creamy Veg Stew in the South. Indigenous recipes such as Chatpata Matar Kulcha from the North and forgotten delicacies such as Dal Pakwaan also form a part of the menu, introducing them to the new-age millennials. Many of the offerings from the beverage and food menu are about reviving lost Indian recipes that evoke nostalgia in the minds of customers.

Commenting on choosing Bengaluru for the pilot launch, Mr Dash added, “Bangalore is one of the most active cities in India, cosmopolitan to its core and has welcomed people from distinct cultures from different corners of the country. Owing to its entrepreneurial characteristic, the city is home to one of the biggest clusters of young millennials with an appetite for innovative offerings.”

For decades TGB has built its expertise in understanding the nuances of tea drinking in India, and we are aware that Indians love boiled tea. Backed with this insight, Tata Cha will specialise in serving freshly boiled tea, just like the corner tea shop, served one perfect cup at a time. An aim to optimise the ‘out-of-home’ tea drinking experience coupled with snacks, Tata Cha will bring back fond, nostalgic moments.

Tata Cha is designed to reflect the heritage of TGB while embracing local culture. The core objective is to create a space that is warm and nurture a renewed love for tea. The interior décor, hence, brings together a mix of warm soft wood, bright colours, colourful and patterned fabrics to create a charming, youthful ambience.