December 19, 2016

Tata Coffee announces plan to set up state of the art freeze-dried coffee plant in Vietnam

National: Tata Coffee today announced plans to set up a state of the art freeze dried coffee plant in Vietnam with an installed capacity of 5,000 MT pa. This move will further strengthen Tata Coffee’s growth in the premium instant coffee segment. The company has made significant strides in moving up the coffee quality value chain by focusing on differentiation, premiumisation and customer centricity.

Tata Coffee already has strong expertise in manufacturing freeze-dried coffee at its plant in Theni, Tamil Nadu, which develops blends customised to varied consumer preferences. Freeze-dried coffee is a growing segment worldwide in the premium instant coffee segment. Instant coffee accounts for about 20 percent of the global coffee consumption with freeze-dried instant coffee being the most premium.

The plant in Vietnam will serve discerning global customers of Tata Coffee with new product mixes of freeze-dried coffee.  Sanjiv Sarin, managing director of Tata Coffee, said, “Tata Coffee has made steady progress in growing its freeze-dried instant coffee business, which is now about 20 percent of our overall instant coffee portfolio. This move is in line with the company’s strategy to strengthen focus on differentiation, premiumisation and customer centricity. Our commitment to quality, process improvements, sustainability and understanding customers will help our growth in this market. Vietnam offers an attractive business environment besides being the largest Robusta coffee growing region. The plant will help us further expand our global footprint.”