January 13, 2017

Creating shareholder value is fundamental to the Tata group

Addressing the media, which had congregated on January 12, at TCS House, the Chairman-designate, N Chandrasekaran said:

‘It is a huge honour and privilege to be appointed first to the Board of Tata Sons and now to be chosen as the Chairman of Tata Sons. It is a rare privilege and it is a huge responsibility. 

The Tata group is a historic group; we can say many things about the group – Pioneer, it has multiple businesses and has held the highest importance to running businesses with ethics, ethos and values but most importantly the group is in the heart of so many people all over the country. They touch people in every nook and corner of the country and the common man always says “Woh Tata humara company hai.” It is that kind of heritage that makes such a special group.

There are always business challenges, there are always ups and downs, but over the last 150 years the management teams of different companies with very tall leaders so many of them, not only at the Tata Sons level but at the group company level, whether it is Tata Steel, Tata Motors or any other companies had phenomenal leaders who have contributed in making the group to what it is today.

Well, I feel very honoured and overwhelmed because I don’t think anyone can easily get into this great job. This position requires several leadership qualities and compassion. And I feel I will grow into this role over a period of time.

It is a responsibility that requires binding the group together. The three-tier structure, the phenomenal work that Tata Trusts have done very silently over a century in contributing to the society, Tata Sons which has pioneered businesses and stood by the operating businesses in good times and more importantly the bad times of the operating companies.

We all have a purpose and I look forward to working with everybody building relationships, not only to drive business performance but also to build the business performance and create shareholder value, which is fundamental with the ethos and the value that the group is known for.

And I will need a lot of support. It is never one man’s job and it will be a collective leadership. I will reach out to everyone including you all, whenever it is required.

And thank you so much everyone and a very happy new year.

And also through this message, I would like to reach out to the larger Tata group and the employees, not only the TCS employees, but also all other employees. I am really privileged to have the opportunity to be with them.

And finally, I would like to show my gratitude to the board of Tata Sons and Mr Ratan Tata for placing their confidence and faith in me to lead this group.

I also want to thank the business community, the several tall leaders, who have been very supportive and giving their affection and appreciation through messages to me and also through the media. I will need all of their support as well.

Thank you so much.’