February 10, 2014

The largest and most anticipated business quiz for students, the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz, is back

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 embarks on its 10th edition of intelligent quizzing

  • The Tata Crucible Campus quiz is all set to begin its 10thedition from Nagpur, on February 13, 2014
  • This year, the quiz has added four new cities taking the total number of participating cities to 34
  • Continuing with the zonal finals format introduced last year — top two teams from each zone would compete for the national trophy
  • Rs2 lakh* from the grand prize will be contributed to a charitable trust of the national winner’s choice
  • Set on the theme of ‘Power of 10’, the competition will conclude with a grand international finale amongst the top two teams of the India, Singapore and UK editions

Mumbai: The largest and most awaited of all inter-collegiate business quizzes in India, the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz, is back to enthrall students with some nerve-wracking, witty and entertaining infotainment. This year the quiz will travel to a record number of 34 cities across India with its 10th edition. This year is also special being the 175th birth anniversary of the Tata group’s Founder Jamsetji Tata, a great visionary who took strong interest in promoting education to further the cause of nation building .Celebrating a decade of this exciting knowledge platform, this year the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz is based on the theme of ‘Power of 10’ bringing a fresh set of challenges with more cities, higher prizes and a first time charitable component.

Four more cities have been added to the regional rounds in the 2014 edition — Ranchi, Baroda, Hubli-Dharwad and Dehradun — thus providing opportunity to more young minds to engage with this knowledge initiative. As it celebrates its 10th edition, the format of the quiz is set around the numerical 10, with scores revolving around a multiplier of 10, 10 questions in the wild-card round and so on.

The winners of the national final will receive a higher grand prize of Rs700,000* along with the coveted Tata Crucible Trophy, while regional winners and runner-ups will receive increased prizes of Rs100,000* and Rs50,000* respectively. The Tata group, which has always believed in giving back to society, is endeavouring to inculcate the culture of philanthropy amongst participants of the Tata Crucible this year. The increase of Rs2 lakh from the national winning team’s prize and Rs25,000 and Rs15,000 from the regional winners and runners-up prize, respectively, will be contributed directly to a charity of the team’s choice fulfilling specified conditions.

This season will kick off at Nagpur, on February 13, 2014, and winners of regional rounds will compete in four zonal finals in the respective zones. The top two winning teams from each zonal final will participate in the national finals to be held in Mumbai, on April12, 2014, followed by the mega international final. The winners and runners-up from the India edition of the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz 2014 will compete with the winners and runner-ups of the Singapore and UK editions, held earlier this financial year, for the international championship title.

Announcing the initiative this year, Atul Agrawal, vice president, group corporate communications, Tata Services, said, “We are delighted with the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz reaching the milestone of 10 years and becoming India’s most-awaited inter-collegiate business quiz, where the sharpest minds compete with each other showcasing their talents. We will continue to bring enlightening, innovative and unique content for youth through this knowledge initiative and hope that the addition of a charitable component this year will promote the culture of giving amongst the participants.”

*Subject to tax deduction as applicable

Ace quizmaster Giri Balasubramaniam also known as ‘Pickbrain’, known for his wit and humour, will conduct the quiz.

Starting from Nagpur, the quiz will move on to other cities that include Raipur (February 14, 2014), Navi Mumbai (February 15, 2014), Pune (February 16, 2014), Goa (February 18, 2014), Hubli (February 19, 2014), Hyderabad (February 23, 2014), Patna (February 25, 2014), Noida (February 26, 2014), Lucknow (February 27, 2014), Vizag (March 4, 2014), Indore (March 6, 2014), Baroda (March 7, 2014), Ahmedabad (March 8, 2014), Guwahati (March 9, 2014), Ranchi (March 11, 2014), Jamshedpur (March 12, 2014), Bhubaneswar (March 13, 2014), Dehradun (March 15, 2014), Chandigarh (March 16, 2014), Kochi (March 18, 2014), Manipal (March 19, 2014), Chennai (March 22, 2014), Kolkata (March 23, 2014), Jaipur (March 25, 2014), Jammu (March 26, 2014), Jalandhar (March 27, 2014), Rohtak (March 28, 2014), Delhi (March 30, 2014), Tiruchirapalli (April 1, 2014), Coimbatore (April 1, 2014), Calicut (April 3, 2014), Bengaluru (April 5, 2014) and Mumbai (April 6, 2014).

Zonal finals will be organised in Mumbai (west zone), New Delhi (north zone), Kolkata (east zone) and Bengaluru (south zone). The cities and zones under which they are clustered are as follows:

Delhi Bengaluru Mumbai Kolkata
Ghaziabad-Noida Chennai Navi Mumbai Patna
Lucknow Coimbatore Nagpur Raipur
Jammu Trichy Ahmedabad Jamshedpur
Jalandhar Kozhikode (calicut) Pune Bhubaneswar
Chandigarh Kochi Indore Guwahati
Rohtak Manipal Goa Vizag
Jaipur Hyderabad Vadodara - new Ranchi – new
Dehradun -new Hubli– new    

The prizes for the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz this year are being co-supported by Tata Docomo, Fastrack and Tata Nano.

About the Tata Crucible Quiz
India’s largest inter-collegiate business quiz, the Tata Crucible Campus Quiz is open for all accredited business schools, engineering colleges and other collegiate students. Students can participate in teams of two each from the same institution.

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz rules*

  • There is no entry fee.
  • Each team would comprise two members from the same institution.
  • Team composition cannot change once the prelim has been taken.
  • Any number of teams from the same institution can take part in the quiz.
  • Teams can participate only from the city where the college / institution they represent are located.
  • If a team is from a city where the event is not being held then the closest city (by geographic distance) would be the location of participation.

Tata Crucible Campus Quiz format*

  • The participating campus teams will go through a preliminary written elimination round at a common venue.
  • The top four teams from the written prelims will qualify for the regional stage rounds.
  • If there are large numbers of teams participating, two more teams will be selected from one or two wild-card rounds. The rules for this will be explained by the quizmaster at each venue. In all, six teams will make it to the regional finals.
  • The regional winners from each of the cities will participate in the zonal finals in their respective zones.
  • The top two teams from each zonal final will participate in the national finals to be held in Mumbai.
  • National final winners and runners-up from India will battle for the title of the international championship along with the winners and runners-up of the UK and Singapore Crucible Campus quiz, held earlier this financial year.

**Conditions apply. For detailed terms and conditions please refer to www.tatacrucible.com.

The winners of the regional finals will win cash prizes of Rs100,000* while the runners-up will receive Rs50,000*. Winners of the national finals will be awarded with a cash prize of Rs700,000* and the coveted Tata Crucible trophy. The increase of Rs25,000 and Rs15,000 from the regional winners and runners-up prize, respectively, and Rs2 lakh from the national winning team’s prize will be donated directly to a charity of the team’s choice.

*Subject to tax deduction as applicable