October 14, 2015

Tata Sky launches 'Actve Fitness' - India's first fitness based interactive service

Actve Fitness enables subscribers to get fit, get active from the comfort of their homes

Tata Sky, the pioneer of innovative services in the DTH industry, has joined hands with Brilliant Living TV (a Suniel Shetty and Adarsh Gupta initiative) to launch an interactive service - ‘Actve Fitness’ - a first of its kind fitness training service on a DTH platform in the country. Actve Fitness will enable subscribers to access a world of fitness experts that train the country’s film stars, from the comfort of their homes.

From right: Suneil Shetty; Pallavi Puri, chief commercial officer, Tata Sky; Salman Khan, and Mickey Mehta at the launch of Tata Sky Actve Fitness
Superstar Salman Khan launched Actve Fitness in presence of Pallavi Puri, chief commercial officer, Tata Sky; film star Suniel Shetty and Adarsh Gupta, founder director of Brilliant Living TV.

Celebrity fitness trainers ranging from Yasmin Karachiwala, Kaizzad Capadia to Abbas Ali, Grand Master Shifuji and many more, have shared workouts, yoga sessions, self-defence and celebrity fitness tips that any individual can follow at home, without the need of any professional equipment. The interactive service also allows one to set a Weight Tracker and check the Calorie Counter for the kind of food they consume. Actve Fitness is a full screen service, accessible 24x7 at a nominal fee of Rs59 per month and available in Hindi and English at a click of a button.

“There is a growing desire to find solutions that help manage the challenges of a fast paced and demanding lifestyle. Staying fit and healthy is one of the top priorities. However not everyone has access to right exercising regimes or trainers across the country. It is this insight that triggered the Actve Fitness service, where we offer celebrity fitness experts who will help our subscribers to stay fit. A smarter and personalized way to take control of one’s health from the comfort of your homes”, says Pallavi Puri, chief commercial officer, Tata Sky.

“Brilliant Living TV is delighted to be associated with Tata Sky to bring Actve Fitness to Indian homes. Our focus has been on creating passion & excitement for fitness amongst all Indians by guiding them through fitness exercises such as work-out videos, yoga and meditation. Now for the first time these services will be available to viewers at home through a DTH platform,” Brilliant Living TV founder director Adarsh Gupta said on this occasion.

The daily training programme comprises video tutorials and practice sessions in yoga, work-out, nutrition, self-defence and meditation practiced by industry leaders with anecdotes and insights, enabling one to stay fit from the comfort of their homes without going to a gym or a meditation centre.

Present at the launch, superstar Suniel Shetty, mentor to Brilliant Living TV, said, “My passion was to extend a fit and healthy lifestyle to people around me. With the inception of Brilliant Living TV, we could gather the industry experts under one roof and with the help of Tata Sky Actve Fitness we are able to reach out to the mass. Continuing my effort, I am now looking forward to a healthy India in the near future.”

Features of ‘Tata Sky Actve Fitness’
Each day of the week will focus on a different body part, making the regime a holistic one.

The theme for each day:

  • Monday: Full body day
  • Tuesday: Lower body day
  • Wednesday: Core and abs day
  • Thursday: Upper body day
  • Friday: Stretch and breathe day
  • Saturday: Best of the week
  • Sunday: Rest day

Each day, a 30 minute video episode playing within each of the categories mentioned below which the subscribers can choose to follow for their daily dose of wellness:

Weekdays and Saturday

  • Yoga: Spanning across different forms of yoga like Ashtang yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha yoga, etc
  • Workout: Spanning across different forms of workout like Pilates, Kick-boxing, Fusion Martial Arts, etc
  • Women’s Special: Focusing on fitness & well-being for women like self defence, dance workout, Pre-natal Yoga, etc
  • Meditation Music: Serene music to unwind after a long day covering different tunes like music for de-stressing, meditation music, music from nature sounds, etc

Sunday specials

  • Nutrition: How to cook / eat healthy, understanding of nutritional values of food, know what meals your favourite celebs like Shahid Kapoor, Kangana, etc love eating.
  • Fit and famous: Celebrity show based on the life on celebrities focusing on fitness.
  • Fit-ex: Show on celebrity fitness index hosted by a fitness expert.