May 26, 2015

TQMS launches the BE Heads Forum

Tata Quality Management Services (TQMS) recently launched a new forum for Business Excellence (BE) Heads of all Tata companies. This new forum will enable BE Heads of Tata companies to share their thoughts, best practices & challenges and also provide them an opportunity to network with peers. This will also be a good platform to benchmark processes and outcomes for all Group companies.

The first BE Heads Forum meeting took place on May 6, 2015, through a webinar. More than 50 participants from Tata companies across the world attended this meeting.

The webinar started with Mr S Padmanabhan, Executive Chairman, TQMS, giving the welcome address. Throwing light on the genesis behind creating this forum, Mr. Padmanabhan said, “BE Heads in Tata companies needed a platform through which they could engage with each other and share their thoughts, not restricting their engagement to once-a-year TBEM assessment, application preparation or result presentation. Many BE Heads stressed on the need to engage on an ongoing basis and connect with peers across the group. This forum is created to provide them with such opportunities.”

This was followed by M Nagabhushan, General Manager, TQMS, taking the attendees through the various improvements that have been made in the assessment process this year. The engaging discussing helped BE Heads get a clearer understanding of the improvements in the assessment process based on inputs received from various stakeholders.

The next thing on the agenda was sharing of a good practice of improving the usability of the TBEM application by Ms. Monica Agarwal, BE Head, TSPDL. After this, Anil Menghrajani, General Manager, TQMS, led a discussion on business results in a TBEM application. Both the sessions were well received by the participants.

The first BE Heads Forum meeting ended with an open house with Mr. Padmanabhan, during which participants from across the world actively engaged with him.

Besides such webinars, TQMS will also organise global face to face meets for BE Heads. Regional meetings are also being planned in Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Singapore, UK and Bengaluru. In addition, a Community of Interest has been created on EDGE, the portal for sharing best practices, which will become a source for BE Heads to connect with each other whenever required.