mjunction services

mjunction services, a 50:50 joint venture of Tata Steel and SAIL, is the largest B2B e-commerce company in India. Just over 16 years old, mjunction has notched up many firsts in the B2B e-commerce space by consistently solving its customers’ business problems through innovative value creation using technology

mjunction provides a transparent and efficient electronic marketplace where both buyers and sellers of diverse goods and services can transact and where value is created for both.

mjunction services

Since inception in 2001 to FY17, over Rs556,858 crore of e-transactions have been conducted on its various e-platforms. mjunction’s service offerings span the entire B2B e-commerce spectrum and cover e-sales, e-sourcing, e-procurement, e-finance and loyalty solutions. More than 2 lakh entities transact on the company’s platforms.

mjunction has a national footprint with presence in more than 25 locations in India. Internationally, it has business footprints in Australia, Singapore and United Arab Emirates. Starting out with a team of less than six people, the company today has more than 800 employees from different professional and academic backgrounds.

mjunction is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001:2013 certified and is appraised at CMMI Level 5.

Areas of business

  • e-selling: mjunction is the world’s largest e-marketplace for steel and has devised an online methodology for the sale of coal, by which it has sold over 300 million tonnes of coal since 2005. It also houses e-marketplaces for the selling of idle assets and tea.
  • e-procurement: mjunction’s e-sourcing and procurement platform is used to procure a diverse range of goods and services and more than 80,000 small vendors use this platform to sell.
  • Channel management: mjunction works not only for its clients but also for its channel partners such as bidders, dealers, distributors and influencers, providing e-finance and customised analytics-based loyalty programmes.
  • Knowledge dissemination: mjunction’s knowledge division publishes magazines and online reports on steel and coal to serve its vertical stakeholders. It also holds one of the largest coal conferences in India.
  • Incubation: mjunction has a full-fledged incubation cell to nurture and scale up innovative business ideas. Successful projects have been scaled up, while others are in the experimentation stage.


Headquartered in Kolkata, India, the company has 12 offices across the country. 

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