The Tinplate Company of India

The Tinplate Company of India (TCIL) is the country’s largest producer of tinplate. Established in 1922, the company pioneered the manufacture of tinplate in India; today it accounts for over a third of the market. The company's products are used for canning and packaging of goods in the processed foods, paints, beverages, dairy products and other industries.

The Tinplate Company of India

Areas of business

TCIL is in the business of providing metal packaging solutions. Its main products are electrolytic tinplates, tin-free steel sheets and cold-rolled products.

It manufactures electrolytic tinplates or tin-free steel — from hot-rolled coils supplied by Tata Steel — for can fabrication to pack edible oils, processed foods, dairy products, beverages, pesticides, and paints, and for manufacturing battery components. The company has a technical agreement with Nippon Steel of Japan.


Headquartered in Kolkata, India, TCIL’s plants are located at Jamshedpur in the state of Jharkhand.

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