Tatanet Services (TNSL) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nelco and holds the requisite licenses for providing shared hub VSAT services. TNSL addresses the communication needs of Indian customers across industries such as banking and financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing and distribution, telecom, education, health care, media, travel and hospitality, etc.


Areas of business

TNSL offers managed communication services that enable high-performance connectivity and deliver significant operational advantages to businesses.

The asymmetric nature of TNSL’s VSAT network is ideal for organisations where the main servers are located at a central office, which then sends information to facilities located at remote sites. Most requests sent to the data centre are low-bandwidth requests for information that is often quite bandwidth-intensive. The modern IP-based VSAT systems are particularly well suited for ERP applications, core banking ATM services, interactive distance learning and internet applications. The ubiquity of service has proven invaluable in countries such as India where terrestrial infrastructure does not cover the entire country.


The company is based in Navi Mumbai, India.

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