Tata Steel Processing and Distribution

Tata Steel Processing and Distribution (formerly Tata Ryerson), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Steel, commenced operations in 1997 at Bara in Jamshedpur, India. The company was initially set up as a 50:50 joint venture between Tata Steel, India’s largest integrated private sector steel company, and Ryerson Tull, a dominant player in the steel processing and distribution business in North America.

Areas of business

Tata Steel Processing and Distribution (TSPDL) is in the business of steel processing and distribution. The company’s business is categorised as tolling business, based on whether only processing services are provided on materials supplied and owned by customers, or as distribution business, where the ownership of the material lies with TSPDL and it’s the finished output that reaches the final consumer.

TSPDL’s competencies lie in processing of hot rolled (HR), cold rolled (CR), galvanised plain sheets (GP sheets and coils), plates fabrication, auto components for Tata Nano and rebar processing. Services undertaken by the company include inventory management, stockyard management, small-lot deliveries and just-in-time supplies.


TSPDL is headquartered at Kolkata, India and has facilities at Jamshedpur, Faridabad, Pune, Pantnagar and Tada.

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