Tata Services

Tata Services (TSL) was incorporated in 1957 to provide Tata group companies access to a set of centralised services. TSL operates on a ‘no-profit no-loss’ basis.

Areas of business

The company has specialised divisions and departments that handle different areas of services. Among them are: 

  • Department of Economics and Statistics: provides economics and business research inputs for strategic decision making to Tata companies. 
  • Corporate Affairs Department: handles the management of the Tata brand and group synergy projects.
  • Public Affairs Department: Delhi-based department that works as a facilitator with the government, embassies and foreign industry delegations.
  • Tata Management Training Centre: conducts training programmes for Tata and non-Tata organisations. Provides support to Tata companies in the areas of leadership, innovation and behavioural sciences (www.tmtctata.com).
  • TAS: runs recruitment and talent management programmes for managers for leadership positions in the group.
  • Tata Council for Community Initiatives: coordinates and organises programmes to institutionalise community development programmes and environmental management initiatives within the group.
  • Legal department: counsels and assists Tata companies on diverse corporate legal matters.
  • Labour relations bureau: guides group companies in handling labour related matters.
  • Tata Central Archives: a repository of important documents, correspondence, photographs and other material relating to the genesis and development of the Tata group (www.tatacentralarchives.com).
  • Network / IT department: hosts and manages the tata.com e-mail messaging solution. The department also extends services such as IT security, Blackberry and internet access to companies located in Bombay House and its overflow.


The company is located in Mumbai.

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