Tata Metaliks

Tata Metaliks started manufacturing and marketing foundry-grade pig iron from 1994. It commenced production and marketing of ductile iron pipes through its 100 percent subsidiary, Tata Metaliks DI Pipes (TMDIPL) from 2009.

Tata Metaliks

A subsidiary of Tata Steel, Tata Metaliks is one of the leading manufacturers of foundry grade pig iron in India and has its manufacturing plant at Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, with an annual production capacity of 345,000 tonne.

The company has been fulfilling its vision of ‘Reaching Tomorrow First’ by offering innovative products to its customers worldwide. In 2012-13, Tata Metaliks introduced its premium product Tata eFee®, the first branded pig iron that reduces energy consumption in foundries by 5-15 percent. Tata Metaliks also manufactures ductile iron pipes.

Fostering a customer-centric culture across all its operations, the company has set up a customer service centre that provides an end-to-end service bouquet for foundries — supplying customised feedstock, cupola / induction furnace related technical services, helping optimise production processes, reducing rejections and facilitating chemical analysis of raw materials.

Setting industry benchmarks through quality and service, as a way forward, the company has set ambitious targets of manufacturing and selling higher volumes of pig iron by enhancing the capacity of its plant. As a part of backward integration, Tata Metaliks has set up a 4,00,000 tpa sinter plant to improve productivity and cost-competitiveness.

Areas of business

Tata Metaliks manufactures and markets foundry-grade pig iron. 

Joint ventures / subsidiaries

The company manufactures and markets ductile iron pipes, Tata Ductura, through its 100 percent subsidiary, TMDIPL. The manufacturing plant of TMDIPL is located in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India.


The company's head office is in Kolkata, India.

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