Tata Industrial Services

Tata Industrial Services (TISL) was set up in 2007 following the Tata group’s identification of the defence and aerospace sector as a new thrust area.

TISL is an AS 9100C certified company providing services in supply chain management, programme management, quality assurance services and undertaking contractual ownership of quality and deliveries for both domestic and global players.

It leverages strength of its 100+ manufacturing partners across India (Tata and non-Tata companies) and SMEs to create cost effective, 'beyond the obvious' supply options for domestic and global aerospace and defence players to address their sourcing needs, including offset requirements.

Areas of business

TISL provides solutions to both domestic players, including DPSUs, and global players, to meet their sourcing needs. It identifies and aggregates capabilities of Indian companies, leverages network of Tata group supplier base as well as non-Tata vendor partners, thus reducing search and switch costs, and creating cost effective and sustainable solutions for a wide range of components/sub-assemblies/assemblies in aerospace.

Value proposition as a services company:

  • Programme management of defence offset supplies
  • Supply chain management
  • Integrated supply solutions
  • Quality assurance services


TISL is located in Bengaluru and New Delhi in India.

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