Tata Business Excellence Group

Tata Business Excellence Group (TBExG), a division of Tata Sons, is entrusted with the mandate by Tata Sons to set standards of excellence and partner closely with group companies to help them achieve their business excellence and improvement goals.

Mission: “To enable Tata companies to enhance performance and create long-term stakeholder value”
“To enable at least 25 Tata companies to achieve Industry Leadership by 2025"

Areas of business

TBExG collaborates with Tata companies, through long and short-term initiatives in the following key areas:

  • TBEM assessment: TBEM is a ‘customised-to-Tata’ adaptation of the globally renowned Malcolm Baldrige model. TBExG helps Tata companies use the model to gain insights into their business strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Business Excellence Capability Building: TBExG builds capabilities in business excellence within Tata companies through its Business Excellence Programmes, which aim to build the skills of new and experienced assessors as well as senior leaders within the group. The organisation also conducts SME Programmes or Customised Workshops for Tata companies in the areas of Safety, Customer Centricity, Operations Excellence, Strategy and Best Practices.
  • Deep Dives: More mature Tata companies require a more granular examination than is provided by the TBEM Assessments. This led Tata Business Excellence Group to introduce Deep Dives in 2014. Deep Dives have been designed to focus on specific areas and examine them in much greater detail than would be possible in a TBEM Assessment. The scope is customised based on the need and provides more prescriptive feedback. Subject matter experts, selected on the basis of the scope, are assembled from within group companies as well as from external sources to form the Deep Dives team. Currently, Deep Dives are conducted in the following key areas:
    • Customer centricity
    • Operations excellence
    • Strategy deployment
    • Safety
    • HR
  • Best practices: The Best Practices initiative aims to enable the cross-pollination of best practices that exist within as well as outside the Tata group. Best Practices is a multi-dimensional initiative that comprises several components and layers, which are:
    • Identification and documentation of best practices across the group.
    • Prioritisation and categorisation based on group-level focus areas.
    • Ensuring wide and convenient accessibility to all employees through a digital platform called EDGE.
    • Organising ‘face-to-face’ sessions that are theme-based or focused on a single company through learning missions, webinars and workshops.
    • Setting up access to established subject matter experts in a range of fields.
    • Enabling people to create communities of interest for sharing and engaging with colleagues in similar fields.


TBExG has offices in Mumbai, Pune and Jamshedpur.

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