Tata AutoComp Systems

Tata AutoComp Systems (Tata AutoComp) provides products and services to Indian and global automotive original equipment manufacturers as well as Tier 1 suppliers. Tata AutoComp has capabilities in several automotive components including automotive interior and exterior plastics.

Tata AutoComp Systems

Areas of business


Tata AutoComp Systems provides end-to-end solutions for automotive domains like interiors and exteriors, electrical distribution systems, lighting, BIW and powertrain.

Supply chain management

Tata AutoComp — Supply Chain Division is a single-window supplier of automotive components to global customers. It develops and sources quality components from competitive qualified manufacturing facilities taking responsibility for quality, cost and delivery.


Tata AutoComp manufactures various automotive components and aggregates like large interior and exterior plastic parts, kinematic plastic parts, parts made from sheet molded composites, engine cooling systems, HVAC systems, rear view mirrors, gear shifters, parking brake levers, BIW and sheet metal aggregates, automotive and inverter batteries and suspension systems for heavy commercial vehicles.

Joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates

Tata AutoComp has 5 joint ventures in partnership with leading global auto component manufacturers.


Based in Pune, Tata AutoComp has over 33 manufacturing facilities spread across India and China.

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