Tata AIA Life Insurance

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company (Tata AIA Life) is a joint venture company formed by Tata Sons and the AIA Group (AIA). Tata AIA Life combines Tata's pre-eminent leadership position in India and AIA's presence as the largest, independent listed pan-Asia life insurance group in the world, spanning 17 markets in Asia Pacific. Tata Sons holds a majority stake of 74 percent in the company and AIA holds 26 percent through an AIA Group company. Tata AIA Life started operations on April 1, 2001.

Tata AIA Life Insurance

Areas of business

The company offers a broad array of insurance products to individuals, associations and businesses of all sizes. It is one of the major private sector insurers in India offering life, health and group insurance products covering entire life-stage needs.  


Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata AIA Life has sales offices in major cities and towns across India.

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