Tata Chemicals North America

Tata Chemicals North America, earlier known as General Chemical Industrial Products (GCIP), is one of the top five global producers of soda ash. Established in 1884, GCIP was acquired by Tata Chemicals in March 2008, making the Tata company the second largest soda ash producer in the world.

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Mission mining

More than 1,600 feet below ground level, at its Green River Basin facility in Wyoming, US, Tata Chemicals mines trona, a naturally occurring soft-rock mineral. Here is an inside view of this remarkable enterprise


A part of the Tata group from 2008, Tata Chemicals North America is headquartered in New Jersey. Its manufacturing operations are located in Green River, Wyoming, where it owns a 75 percent stake in Tata Chemicals (Soda Ash) Partners Business which operates the facility. Tata Chemicals North America has its headquarters in East Hanover, New Jersey, USA.