Tata Management Training Centre

Positioned primarily as an in-house training centre for the Tata group, Tata Management Training Centre meets corporate learning and development needs and acts as a cradle of change for Tata executives

The Tata Management Training Centre (TMTC) is the learning arm of the Tata group's human resources function. Established in 1966 in Pune, India, TMTC has developed into one of the leading management training institutes in the country, with national and international tie-ups. Over the years, TMTC has organised programmes on almost every subject relevant to the development of corporate managers.

TMTC’s faculty is drawn from among the world's premier institutions and universities including Harvard, Michigan, Wharton, Kellogg's and Centre for Creative Leadership, and include eminent academicians and management gurus such as Professor Krishna Palepu, Professor Wayne Brockbank, Professor Charles Fine and the late Professor CK Prahalad.

JRD Tata, the late chairman of the Tata group, inaugurated TMTC on January 6, 1966. The centre is housed in a gracious old-world structure, designed by renowned architect George Wittet, surrounded by leafy trees, lawns, pathways and flower beds. The 15 acres of land on which TMTC stands once belonged to leading solicitor FE Dinshaw. In 1918, Mr Dinshaw acquired the services of Mr Wittet, the then consulting architect to the Government of Bombay, to build him a country home. Incidentally, Mr Wittet also built the Victoria Terminus and Bombay House, the Tata group's headquarters.

Much of the original layout remains the same. TMTC's atmosphere of serenity strikes just the right balance between the stringent demands of its management courses and participants' need to look at their management roles from a perspective unencumbered by conditioning.


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