July 27, 2009

Tata Chemicals' Tata Salt Lite voted one of the leading brands in Complete Wellbeing survey

Tata Salt Lite
Tata Chemicals emerged as one of the leading brands (fourth with 37 per cent votes) under the health and happiness category in Complete Wellbeing magazine’s survey. Complete Wellbeing magazine recently commissioned a pioneering survey to identify the role of brands in the two most important pursuits of a consumer’s life — health and happiness. For the survey, respondents were asked to vote for brands they perceived as representing only health, only happiness, and finally, both health and happiness.
Speaking on the achievement Ashvini Hiran, head, consumer products business, Tata Chemicals, said, “Tata Salt Lite has been launched in the health and wellness segment for helping overall blood pressure management. This is achieved through its unique low-sodium and potassium formulation. The brand has already acquired a leadership position in this niche category which has enormous potential to grow and work towards the health of India. It is heartening to note that it has made a visible impact in just the second year of its pan-India presence. Such recognitions encourage us to focus on providing innovative solutions and raise the bar always.”
Together in all three categories, as many as 88 brands feature in the first 10 ranks — 27 in the health-only category, 15 in happiness-only category and 46 in the health and happiness category. Head & Shoulders, Maggi, Lakme, Sundrop and Dettol are some other brands that have figured in the top of the health-and-happiness list.
The survey was conducted by leading global search company Synovate for Complete Wellbeing magazine. The Complete Wellbeing Health and Happiness Brand Survey 2009 engaged respondents in the SEC A category from Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru — three cities that best represent urban India’s lifestyle choices.

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