May 21, 2002

Titan launches Edge, the slimmest watch in the universe

Heralding a historic achievement in the annals of the international watch industry, Titan Industries Limited today announced the launch of the Titan Edge, the slimmest commercially available watch in the universe. Produced indigenously after four years of intensive research and development, the Titan Edge has a total slimness of just 3.5 mm and a wafer thin movement of 1.15 mm.

The Titan Edge is a true technological marvel given the intricacies involved in producing a watch as slim, and is a result of close collaboration between Titan's Design Studio, the Production Department and the R&D team.

"The Titan Edge is a significant achievement and matter of pride not just for Titan but for every Indian as it reiterates our technological strengths and expertise as a nation," said Bijou Kurien, Chief Operating Officer, Watches Division, Titan Industries Limited. "With its combination of rare precision and elegant styling, the Titan Edge will leave an indelible mark in history," he added.

The challenges that faced the Titan design and production team in manufacturing a watch as slim as Titan Edge were tremendous given that most watches average between 6mm and 10mm in thickness. It was in the 1980s that watch manufacturers around the world began experimenting with slim watches and the first slim watches by international players created much excitement in the watch industry. However, the watches could not sustain the momentum created by them owing to their poor water resistance and reliability.

Titans experiments with slim watches began with the design and manufacture of slim movements in the mid 1990s, culminating now in the Titan Edge, a watch so slim there is no other like it commercially available.

"In making Titan Edge commercially available, we have dared to do what no other watch manufacturer has been able to do worldwide," said B. G. Dwarkanath, Vice President, Horology, Titan Industries who spearheaded the team that designed the ultra slim movement. "The challenge lay in crafting a movement that defied traditional manufacturing processes and techniques while retaining the Titan hallmark of quality and reliability."

The Titan Edge is a fully jewelled quartz analog movement with water resistance of upto 30 metres, a feature unheard of in slim watches. Some of the unique features of the Titan Edge include a state-of-the-art silicon chip that conserves power and doubles the life of the battery, a specially designed step motor and an amazing tolerance of 3 microns in some movements (against usual tolerances of 20 microns) which demonstrates the extreme and exacting precision of the watch.

The movement of the Titan Edge has been tested and certified by M/s Chronofiable SA, Switzerland, a world renowned independent horological testing agency in Switzerland. The Titan Edge has also received a national award for excellence in the area of R&D in electronics by the department of scientific and industrial research, government of India.

"Even in terms of design, the issues we faced were in designing the functional parts of the watch to fit into the slimness of the movement," said Michael Foley, Head Design Studio, Titan Industries. "From the wedge profile of the case to the finely etched ceramic dials, the uniquely crafted skeletal hands, the elongated markings and the specially designed fine leather strap and buckle, the Titan Edge speaks of elegance and sophistication with a defined slimness."

The Titan Edge currently comprises 13 variants eight in stainless steel and five in the plated version. Priced between Rs 4,495 and Rs. 4995, the Titan Edge comes with a two- year comprehensive guarantee and will be available at all World of Titan showrooms and premier outlets in the major metros.

The Titan Edge will be promoted by a television campaign and supported by striking red and black visual merchandise which will be displayed at select stores.

The launch of the Titan Edge follows on the heels of other recent successful launches by Titan in the last couple of years. Prominent among these were the Titan Steel, the Fastrack women's range and Dash! watches for children.

Titan Industries Limited, a joint venture between the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) and Tatas, commenced operations in 1986 under the name Titan Watches Limited. Titan has now become India's leading producer of watches with a domestic market share in excess of 50 per cent. In its 15 years of manufacturing, Titan has produced over 45 million watches and is the sixth largest "manufacturer brand" in the world.

Titan is one of the largest integrated watch and jewellery manufacturers in the world and manufactures over 6.6 million watches and 1,50,000 pieces of jewellery annually. The company reported a turnover of Rs. 709 crore in 2000-01. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Titan has offices in London, Dubai and Singapore. Titan's products are available in 32 countries across the world.