February 2002

The power to excavate

Pick from Telco Constructions' wide range of hydraulic excavators to power your construction projects

Infrastructure development is the key to spurring business growth, generating employment and giving an overall thrust to the economy of a nation. And quality construction equipment can power the development process by helping to cut costs and by ensuring timely completion of projects.

Telco Construction Equipment Company is the largest manufacturer of hydraulic excavators in India, with over 6,000 machines in the market. It possesses indigenous design and development capabilities, and the company’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-certified.

Telco Construction was the first to introduce mini-excavators in India, and its EX60 brand is the most successful machine to be made in India thus far, with more than 1,300 of them being sold over the last three years.

The company offers the widest available range of hydraulic excavators — eight models ranging from 2 tonnes to 60 tonnes in size — and have remained the market leader for the past five years despite stiff competition. Indeed, Telco Construction claims to move mountains, and that is, if anything, an understatement.

The company’s hydraulic excavators are manufactured in technical collaboration with the Hitachi Construction Machinery Company of Japan.

Presented below is a representative sample of its different models:

Model: Tata TMX 20 (mini excavator)
Engine: Tata 483 DL
Horsepower: 39 PS @ 3,000 rpm
Operating weight: 2,200kg
Bucket capacity: 0.07 cubic metres

Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 40 (mini excavator)
Engine: Simpson S325
Horespower: 36 PS @ 2,100 rpm
Operating weight: 4,100kg
Bucket capacity: 0.11 – 0.14 cubic metres
Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 70
Engine: Tata 497
Horsepower: 58 PS @ 2,100 rpm
Operating weight: 7,220kg
Bucket capacity: 0.10–0.32 cubic metres
Digging depth: 4,150mm
Model: Tata–Hitachi EX 100
Engine: Tata 697 NA
Horsepower: 76PS @ 2,300 rpm
Operating weight
Backhoe: 10,700kg
Shovel: 11,000kg
Bucket capacity
Backhoe: 0.50–0.60 cubic metres
Shovel: 0.60 cubic metres
Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 200LC
Engine: Cummins 6 BT 5.9C
Horsepower: 125 PS @ 2,000 rpm
Operating weight
Backhoe: 20,000kg
Shovel: 20,150kg
Bucket capacity 0.8-1.20 cubic metres
Model: Tata 320
Engine: Tata 697 NA
Horsepower: 100 PS @ 2,800 rpm
Operating weight: 21,775kg
Bucket capacity
Dragline: 0.76 cubic metres
Clamshell: 0.76 cubic metres
Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 300 LCH
Cummins 6CTA 8.3C
Horsepower: 220 PS @ 2,000 rpm
Operating weight
Backhoe: 31,500kg
Shovel: 32,200kg
Bucket capacity
Backhoe: 1.3–1.7 cubic metres
Shovel: 1.8 cubic metres
Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 400-V
Engine: Cummins NT 855 C
Horsepower: 280 PS @ 2,000 rpm
Operating weight
Backhoe: 41,000kg
Shovel: 42,500kg
Bucket capacity
Backhoe: 2.07–2.80 cubic metres
Shovel: 2.80–3 cubic metres
Model: Tata-Hitachi EX 600-V
Engine: Cummins NTA 855 C -BC
Horsepower: 370 PS @ 1,800 rpm
Operating weight
Backhoe: 57,000kg
Shovel: 59,500kg
Bucket Capacity
Backhoe: 2.5–3.5 cubic metres
Shovel: 3.5–4.0 cubic metres
Model: Tata Wheel Loader TWL 3,036
Engine: Tata 697 TC
Horsepower: 135 PS @ 2,400 rpm
Operating weight: 11,580kg
Bucket capacity: 1.5–3 cubic metres