Tata Sustainability Group

Tata Sustainability Group guides, supports and provides thought leadership to Tata group companies in embedding sustainability in their business strategies

Sustainability, in a business context, is an approach that creates long-term stakeholder value by balancing economic, environmental and social performance. The Tata group believes that being successful in business is not only about performing well in financial terms – which is of course very critical – but also ensuring that all its stakeholders benefit. Thus, how the profits are made are as important as how much.

Set up in 2014, the Tata Sustainability Group (TSG) is a group-level resource meant to work with Tata companies across the world in the sphere of sustainability. TSG’s mission is ‘To guide, support and provide thought leadership to all Tata group companies in embedding sustainability in their business strategies and demonstrating responsibility towards society and the environment.’

TSG’s mission is based on the Tata group’s core value: “To improve the quality of life of the communities we serve globally through long-term value creation for all stakeholders.” 

The Tata group is committed to integrating environmental, social and ethical principles into itscore business, thereby enhancing long-term stakeholder value and touching the lives of over a quarter of the world's population. The group’s guiding philosophy thus ensures that it remains an employer of choice, a partner of choice and a neighbour of choice.

TSG’s field of execution covers a range of inputs, including thought leadership and communicating its thinking and work to a wider audience. At the core of this function are the three areas it is responsible for: