February 13, 2013

Tata Power’s ‘energy audits’ help industrial and commercial customers save 15 million units of electricity in Mumbai

  • A total of 62 industrial and commercial customers have availed the benefits of the energy audits till date
  • Company has launched walk-through energy audit for low tension (LT) customers

Mumbai: Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, continues to drive energy conservation and efficiency to its customers in Mumbai. In another such initiative, Tata Power conducted special ‘energy audits’ targeting its industrial and commercial consumers in the city. The exercise helped these customers to optimise their energy use by receiving facility specific saving recommendations leading to savings of 15 million units of electricity combined with cost savings.

Under this program, customer’s premises is audited by a certified energy audit agency and recommendations are provided by this agency for achieving further reduction in energy consumption. The consumer pays only 25 percent of the fees and the remaining is borne by Tata Power. So far, Tata Power has carried out these audits for over 62 customers and cumulatively provided recommendations leading to the reduction of more than 15 million units. Many more customers have enrolled for this programme and larger savings are expected through this initiative.

Speaking about this initiative, S Padmanabhan, executive director – operations, Tata Power, said, “The energy audit initiative is a successful energy efficiency drive from Tata Power and we are happy to offer such innovative and attractive schemes for all our customer segments. We are confident that our demand side efforts will not only help our customers to significantly reduce their monthly bills but enable them to make Mumbai a greener city.”

Major consumers such as M&M, Oberoi Mall, Tata Communications, Lilavati Hospital, Hotel Leela and many more have availed these energy audits and have benefited by implementing the recommendations provided during these audits.

The success stories also include many small and medium establishments such as malls, offices and factories that have reduced their energy consumption by over 10 to 15 percent since the audits were conducted in their premises.

A ‘walk through energy audit’ introduced to facilitate energy conservation for LT customers has benefitted 11 customers (<100KW category) .

These audits are conducted by professional and specialist energy auditors accredited by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency which helps consumers undertake a studied approach towards energy saving by mapping their unique power consumption pattern and identifying several opportunities to save energy. Tata Power has also been conducting various ‘demand response’ events which has helped achieve a curtailment of 15MW load.