March 03, 2007 | Business Week

Tata AutoComp Systems (TACO) makes its first foray into automotive retail market

Tata AutoComp Systems (TACO) has made its first foray into the automotive retail market with the launch of a range of environment-friendly car batteries using raw materials of which 90 per cent are recyclable. "Our revolutionary technology allows us to offer the most superior product with the highest warranties in the market, at an affordable price," says Yogesh Dhawan, chief executive officer of the Tata AutoComp GY Batteries, a 50:50 joint venture between TACO and the Japanese GS Yuasa Internaional.

Dhawan, who was in Pune last fortnight for the national launch of the 'Tata Green' batteries, says these do not need top-ups or any maintenance for the first 100,000 km. "The distinctive design of the calcium-calcium battery minimises water loss, reduces self-discharge, increases storage time and provides the best protection from acid spillage and sparks," he says. The JV has set up a new plant in Pune with a capacity to produce two million batteries a year, which will make batteries for passenger cars and utility vehicles initially, then expand its production by the year-end to commercial vehicles, tractors and two-wheelers.