Tata Council for Community Initiatives

The Tata Council for Community Initiatives helps Tata companies and employees engage in developing the community through a structured approach and specific processes

The Tata Council for Community Initiatives (TCCI) is a unique initiative that lends structure to the Tata group's approach of sustainable development while driving its community engagement and improvement programmes.

TCCI is also involved in assisting Tata companies address sustainability reporting as per guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative. It is the focal point for the UN Global Compact in India, which has 42 Tata companies as signatories, the highest in the world from a single business group.

In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (India), TCCI has crafted the Tata Index for Sustainable Human Development, a pioneering effort aimed at directing, measuring and enhancing the community work that Tata enterprises undertake. The Index provides guidelines for Tata companies looking to fulfil their social responsibilities.

About TCCI
TCCI was established in 1996 to bring together good practices within the Tata group in the sphere of corporate sustainability.

Its charter is extensive, embracing a range of sustainable development initiatives such as community outreach, environmental management, biodiversity restoration, climate change initiatives and employee volunteering. TCCI's mission states: "We will work together to be, and to be seen as, a group which strives to serve our communities and the society at large."

TCCI's participatory network is headed by Dr Mukund Rajan (who is also brand custodian, spokesperson and chief ethics officer of the Tata group), and includes chief executive officers of major Tata companies. The TCCI agenda is largely driven by employees. Tata executives, facilitators and volunteers provide impetus to the TCCI network through their conviction, dedication and involvement in the work that is undertaken.

Community development
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