April 28, 2003

CMC assessed at SEI CMM Level 5

CMC, India's premier information technology company, joined the elite list of organisations with the distinction of having achieved Level 5 (Optimising Level) of the SEIs Capability Maturity Model (software) for its centres at Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad.

CMC's journey to excellence and their quest for quality certification began in 1993, with the adoption of international approaches to quality like TQM and ISO. The SEI CM would add immense business value and substantial benefits to its customers in terms of more accurate budgeting, increased software productivity and the overall ability of the organisation to meet its goals for cost, schedule, functionality and product quality.

CMC's primary focus has always been large domestic projects. Having consolidated its position in the domestic market, CMC is looking at a broader horizon internationally. The assessment at Level 5 aligns perfectly with this strategic goals, and the CMM was especially adopted to align CMC's systems and processes with international standards.

The assessment was conducted by a 10-member team led by Pradeep Udhas of e2e Technologies Incorporated, USA. Commenting on the assessment, Mr Udhas said, "It is a pleasure to be associated with CMC in their journey towards CMM Level 5. I have not seen better commitment and sponsorship from management as from CMC. CMC gradually moved up the maturity ladder - level 3 assessment in January 2001, level 4 in April 2002, and now level 5. Not too many companies in India are willing to take on a gradual approach. The processes and systems are very well internalized and provide a strong foundation for continuous process improvement."

Congratulating the employees on this great achievement, the DMD and COO, Mr Ramanan said, "This achievement is yet another significant milestone in the history of the company and an assurance to our customers that we will deliver the highest quality services and solutions possible."

The learning from this exercise will be used to quickly align other CMC centres to the CMM. CMC plans to use this as a starting point for many other process improvement initiatives like CMMI, PCMM and Six Sigma.

About CMC
Founded in 1976, CMC is one of the premier information technology solutions providers in India. Operating out of 18 offices and from more than one hundred and fifty service locations in the country, CMC Limited employs over 3000 people and has a wholly owned subsidiary in USA called Baton Rouge International. CMC's vision is to operate globally and use the benefit of information technology to improve the productivity of its customers and the quality of its customers products and services. CMC combines horizontal expertise in information technology with its vertical experience by working in a wide range of industries.