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Presentation art

The innovative use of 3D video mapping and audience interactivity by Jaguar Land Rover has created a standout marketing asset that is drawing rave reviews in creative forums worldwide

Marketing cars is a tough business. Even more difficult is making the power train the hero of the story. In August 2012, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) introduced the 13MY, a new power train tailor-made for the Chinese market. To unveil this product and raise awareness, the marketing team at the company brainstormed a new and amazingly creative presentation format.

The innovation
In an innovative first, the team combined 3D video mapping technology and digital interactivity to project videos onto a translucent life-size sculpture of an actual XJ. The installation was complemented by an actual-size engine at the core of the car, illuminated by a complex lighting system.

Aiming to educate consumers about the products in an interactive and creative manner, the installation was fully controlled by the audience, which could choose ‘the story’ to project onto the car — such as a drive through a city or open country, by day or at night. The virtual audiovisual experience showcased the power of the engine in different road conditions.

Innovation: Translucent Jaguar XJ video mapping
Team: Olaf Felten

While reinforcing the brand’s relevance in the Chinese market, this virtual experience was a combination of art and technology. The innovation required creating a holistic experience for the audience, one that would be robust enough for transportation.

The installation was taken on a tour of 11 cities across China to introduce potential buyers to the advanced technologies of the Jaguar MY13 engine.

The benefits
The presentation generated wide interest — not only at the physical exhibitions, but also on social media platforms, thus ensuring greater reach and relevance. Within days it had attracted about 20,000 video views online. There was also wide interest from traditional media and from the creative community, which expressed curiosity and showered accolades on blogs and in reviews.

And, of course, the ultimate benefit is the creative breakthrough — a presentation technique has been established that can be used as a great marketing tool. Other JLR markets around the world have already shown an interest in the presentation.

This article is a part of a special report on Tata InnoVista 2013 published in the July 2013 issue of Tata Review
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