May 06, 2003

Tanishq launches ‘Solo’ — small solitaire diamond collection

Bangalore: For ages solitaires have mesmerised women, the inherent mystical appeal of solitaires has captivated women all over the world. This is all about romancing the stone, and that is exactly what Tanishq, the leading branded jeweller in India, has done by lining up a range of everyday wear solitaire diamonds — 'Solo'. Comprising elegantly designed solitaires, 'Solo' will be available at reasonable prices at all Tanishq showrooms across India.

The collection was launched at a unique setting, innovatively depicting different aspects of life in which 'Solo' could be used to complement an occasion. With a coffee bar setting as the background, the solitaires were marvellously interwoven into the various occasions in life being portrayed.

Dispelling the notion that solitaires are very expensive and niche, 'Solo' will offer elegant individual pieces and sets, at attractive prices. The purchase of a diamond solitaire is an emotional event, and something that will last a lifetime. What, till almost a decade ago, was perceived to be exorbitant and unaffordable can now be the ultimate gift that one could give oneself or loved ones, without paying a fortune for it.

Speaking at the launch, YL Saroja, Group Manager – sales and marketing, Tanishq, said, "We at Tanishq believe in providing the best to our customers in terms of designs and prices. It's a common notion that solitaires are the sole preserve of the upper middle class. Research has shown us that diamond ownership and diamond acquisition in India is the highest, and there was no branded diamond jewellery product targeted at this segment. Therefore, to fulfil this lacuna, we decided to launch an exclusive brand of solitaire diamonds – 'Solo', targeted at the trendy, contemporary Indian woman. We are confident that 'Solo' will reflect a new trend in the diamond jewellery market."

Targeted at the trendy contemporary Indian woman, 'Solo' will carve a niche of its own as exclusive and attractively priced everyday solitaire jewellery. 'Solo' from Tanishq will be available not only as individual pieces but also in sets of pendants, ear studs and finger rings. This is unlike traditional solitaires in the market, which customers frequently find difficult to match with other jewellery.

The 'Solo' collection from Tanishq is a statement of femininity, luxury and lifestyle as well as a status symbol. The attractive price range and variety also makes it a great gifting option as well. It fills the need gap for young modern women who are always on the lookout for fashion accessories that are both attractively priced as well as trendy. In step with modern women's changing needs and lifestyles, Tanishq has taken a classic single stone design and created easy-to-wear, simple yet sophisticated jewellery with a subtle elegance in design.

The 'Solo' collection has been very attractively priced and a set is available for Rs 34,000. A solitaire ring is available for as low as Rs 7,700. The 'Solo' collection is available in three sets priced at Rs 34,000, Rs 47,000 and Rs 68,000. In addition, there are rings, which are individually priced.

In a short span of six years Tanishq has become India's jeweller of choice. Even today, Tanishq is the only national jeweller in India with an unmatched consumer reach through 58 exclusive boutiques in 46 cities. This brand today commands the respect of over one million customers.

The company's constantly evolving range begins from 22K gold jewellery and extends to very affordable diamond studded jewellery. Tanishq's jewellery prices start from a very affordable Rs 600 and has special, custom-designed high value sets at the top end. Tanishq offers exchange for any jewellery and also offers a savings scheme called 'Golden Harvest'. A unique aspect of Tanishq's offering is that each piece of jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, certifying the purity of the gold and the colour, clarity and caratage of each diamond.

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