May 29, 2002

Best papers from Tata Search 2002 picked

Of the 41 papers published in Tata Search 2002 under the sections 'Raw Materials and Wastes', 'Ironmaking and Steelmaking', 'Physical and Mathematical Modelling', 'Product Development and Product Characterisation', 'Automation and Control', and 'Maintenance and Services' the following have been adjudged to be the best:

Category 'A'
Best paper:
'Mathematical modelling of decarburisation in RH-degasser' by SK Ajmani, SK Dash (IIT, Kharagpur), MN Poddar and Shekhar Banerjee. This paper will be given the S Vishwanathan medal.

Second best paper: 'Thermodynamic model for deoxidation and inclusion precipitation in liquid steel' by SK Choudhury, Sanjay Chandra and Ahindra Ghosh (IIT, Kanpur). This paper will receive a certificate of merit.

Category 'B'
Best paper: 'Production of ultra-clean steel for bearings' by S Ganguly, I Chakrabarti, MD Maheshwari and T Mukherjee. This paper will be given the Shavak Nanavati medal.

Second best paper: 'G2, a shop-scheduling tool for LD2 and slab caster' by Varun Jha, Vinay Mahashabde, Vinit Kumar Mathur and Alankar Nath Karunakar. This paper will receive a certificate of merit.

The papers were evaluated by a select panel of judges consisting of:

  • Prof A Ghosh (IIT, Kanpur)

  • Prof BC Majumdar (IIT, Kharagpur)

  • Prof K Chattopadhyay (IISc, Bangalore)

  • Prof SP Mehrotra (ex-professor, IIT, Kanpur and now
    director, NML, Jamshedpur)

  • Prof KC Nori (TCS, Mumbai)

  • TC Alexander (former executive, Tata Steel)