July 2015 | Gayatri Kamath

Generating affection, too

Tata Power's affinity with its customers, who range from industrial users to individuals, is characterised by a willingness to change and improve

Operating in a heavily regulated industry and with tariffs it cannot control, Tata Power has remained competitive by maximising its 'customer affection' quotient
Tata Power is going digital. About six months from now, the company will launch its power app, a mobile app that will enable digital interface with its consumers. This will make it easier for consumers to do everything, from paying bills to applying for a new connection. “We are designing the app to be more user-friendly and with more features than anything available now,” says Ashok Sethi, chief operating officer and executive director of Tata Power.

The mobile app is the latest step in Tata Power’s customer centricity journey. In the last five years, since the company joined BEST and Reliance Energy in distributing power in Mumbai, Tata Power’s consumer profile has changed dramatically. In addition to big consumers such as Indian Railways, Tata Power now caters to more than 600,000 retail consumers, comprising residences, commercial outlets, shops, slums, etc.

Watch this video to find out how Tata Power transformed the Ambujwadi slum in Mumbai through electrification
To deal with this wide disparity in consumer profiles, Tata Power classifies its consumers based on a segmentation study. Key accounts include essential services such as the railways, the Mumbai airport, municipal water pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, fire brigades, hospitals, and the refineries of Hindustan Petroleum and Bharat Petroleum.

Becoming customer-centric is a journey that changes continuously. “The attitude of the consumer has changed dramatically in the last few years, and we have had to change alongside,” says Mr Sethi. “Consumers have become far more vocal. Their expectations on quality and performance are much higher. They want superfast responses.”

Customer view
Quality, reliability, relationship, responsiveness and all those things that matter are actually good with Tata Power. The top management is so humble, it makes us feel good to be associated with the company. We see Tata Power as our strategic partner as we move along

Kedar Zingade, senior officer, Mumbai International Airport, a key Tata Power account

This is a shortened version of the main article, which is part of the cover story about the customer-centricity culture of the Tata group featured in the July 2015 issue of Tata Review. Read the complete article here >>
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