October 20, 2004

Tata Steel safety excellence journey with 'DuPont Safety By Choice, Tata Steel Voice'

Tata Steel, the largest private sector integrated steel plant in India, is rated as one of the best plants worldwide, and has acquired expertise in steel making. We have achieved several milestones in many areas of business, we also aspire to be world cass in safety performance. Our aspiration is to bring a change in our philosophy - to imbibe a culture of 24-hour safety in and around us - safety at home, in town and on the street is equally important for us.

Tata Steel believes that the steel plant can run without accidents. It is our firm conviction that all causes of accidents are man made and can be solved by men. Tata Steel's commitment to zero incidents is evident by the fact that 2004 has been declared as the Year of Safety. To reiterate our commitment, we have now engaged DuPont, which is known worldwide as a world class safety performing company. It is more than 200 years old, and has helped many organisations like BHP Steel, Australia, Atlanta Airlines, Hyundai Development Company, South Korea, in enhancing their safety performance. DuPont is also consultant to the International Iron & Steel Institute (IISI).

DuPont has evaluated the existing safety management system at Tata Steel against the criteria of world class safety performance, and has identified the areas of opportunities. We have now initiated our journey of safety excellence, and a MOU is being signed, which will lay the  foundation for our relationship with DuPont. The plans for the next five years will be formulated in tune with our expansion programme. It will set the trend in human behaviour not only at the work place, but also influence off-the-job behaviour.

Dr T Mukherjee, deputy managing director,  (steel), Tata Steel, today rolled out the safety excellence journey with DuPont Safety by Choice Tata Steel Voice, Suraksha ka achuk irada, Tata Steel ka atut vada, at a glittering function at the Steelenium Hall of the steel works. Also present were Mr Roger Moore, president, DuPont Safety Resources, Asia Pacific and Mr RBB Singh, president, Tata Workers Union.