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Tata Technologies: Staying ahead

As its international headquarters, the Singapore operation of Tata Technologies is responsible for setting business direction, formulating strategy and managing corporate governance processes and procedures. It also provides a centralised finance function for the Asia Pacific region

Business operations
Founded in 1981 as Tata Elxsi, Tata Technologies Singapore today serves as the international headquarters for all Tata Technologies operations outside India including North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. It also services the local market in the automotive, aerospace and defence-related sectors.
The company is a global leader in engineering services outsourcing and product development IT services to the global manufacturing industry.
While Singapore provides an ideal business environment for headquarter functions, the company is constantly mindful of the different cultures in the regional markets. With its philosophy of being ‘local’ wherever it operates, Tata Technologies employs mostly Singaporeans at its Singapore centre; the Bangkok delivery centre is staffed almost entirely by Thais.
Key achievements in 2010
Despite the most difficult economic conditions in several years, Tata Technologies was able to post substantial improvements in after-tax profits and earnings per share. It did this as it focused on a dramatic reduction of costs and improved efficiencies, together with building deeper relationships with its key customers.
To continue to increase the value proposition to its customers by delivering exceptional product and process innovation. Tata Technologies will continue partnering with customers to deliver ever-greater value through, for example, complete vehicle design programmes and alternative-energy vehicles. It also plans to increase its penetration in the aerospace and defence-related sectors.
Corporate sustainability initiatives
Tata Technologies is part of the local community wherever it operates in the world. It predominantly employs local citizens in all its operations and also fits seamlessly into the local culture. It is thus able to interact on a cultural level with its customers. The company supports its employees in whatever CS initiatives they undertake within their own communities. This philosophy enables the company to benefit society while delivering value to its customers and shareholders.
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