April 06, 2002 | Financial Express

Tata Steel plans expansion at Jamshedpur plant

Tata Iron & Steel Company is preparing an expansion plan for its Jamshedpur plant in Jharkhand, without making any significant investment.

Kolkata: Addressing a press conference here on Friday, managing director B Muthuraman said the plan would be ready in a few months. However, he declined to talk about it in detail saying, "The planning process is in the primary stage." However, he added that the thrust would be on expanding capacity without any significant investment.

Asked whether it would be in the long-products area, Mr Muthuraman said, "We have to study the emerging trends in the country."

He said the company planned to improve its bottomline and give more value to shareholders by improving its product mix.

In 2002-03, share of cold-rolled (CR) coils in its production would go up to 36 per cent from previous fiscal's 29 per cent, and that of long products to 27 per cent from 19 per cent.

However, the share of hot-rolled (HR) coils will go down from 38 per cent to 32 per cent and of semis from 13 per cent to six per cent.

Tata Steel will also go in for branding of its products. "The concept of branding of steel products is not popular world over. Last year, we started it and gained considerable results," he said.

Brand sales in the second half of 2001-02 fiscal had gone up to 10 per cent of total sales from four per cent in first half.

The company had plans to reduce its manpower further, he said. However, he declined to disclose by how much saying, "It is an internal target."

Tata Steel has reduced its manpower from 78,699 in 1992-93 to 46,350 at the end of the 2001-02 fiscal. This also helped the company to increase labour productivity.