September 14, 2009

Tata Motors introduces Tata SK 407 Tipper in Kerala

Cochin: Tata Motors today reinforced its position in the tipper segment with the launch of the Tata SK 407 Tipper.
Tata Motors has always been in the forefront of offering customised and innovative solutions to customers. The Tata SK 407 Tipper is a small capacity tipper introduced as an entry level product and forms an important milestone in Tata Motors’ efforts to service the diverse and growing requirements of the Kerala tipper segment, among the largest and most vital tipper markets in the country today.
Tata SK 407 Tipper is a convenient, comfortable and versatile vehicle in its class, designed to provide superior comfort and better drivability. The vehicle comes with a factory-built 2.66 cubic-metre capacity, with fuel efficient turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine delivering 75 PS. The tipper has been fitted with power steering which reduces fatigue and makes driving more comfortable and offers 26 per cent gradeability thus allowing the vehicle to climb even steep gradients effortlessly. The vehicle is suitable for sand movement, quarry application, laterite-stone transportation and construction material movement.
Further, the Tata SK 407 Tipper comes with a best-in-class warranty of three years/three  lakh km on the basic vehicle, and 18 months/1.50 lakh km warranty on the body.
Commenting on the launch, Ravi Pisharody, president, commercial vehicle business unit of Tata Motors, said, “The SK 407 Tipper is the result of Tata Motors’ concerted efforts to meet the specific demands of Kerala customers. This vehicle offers a competitive features-to-price benefit and we believe we have a winning proposition for our customers.”
Speaking on the occasion, R Ramakrishnan, head – sales and marketing, commercial vehicle business unit of Tata Motors, said, “The SK 407 Tipper combines the important tipping application for construction and mining with our trusted and popular 407 platform, further enhanced with power steering for comfort and ease of driving. We believe that the end-product will improve customers’ operating efficiencies and profitability.
The other light trucks showcased at the launch are:
Tata SFC 407 HT
The Tata SFC 407 HT is a highly fuel-efficient vehicle which offers higher payload as compared to others in its category. It has 6,250kg of GVW with a bigger clutch of 280 mm diameter, stronger gearbox G-27 and offers 22 per cent gradeability. The vehicle comes with a deluxe cabin which provides a digital clock, mobile charger, power steering as standard fitments and several other features to provide comfort to the driver. This vehicle is used for the construction segment, carrying laterite-stone, wooden logs and other heavy construction material.
The new Tata LPK 909
The new Tata LPK 909 lift Tipper has a 9.6-tonne GVW with a 5 cubic metre capacity. The tipper comes with a bigger rear axle shaft with stronger differential gears. Further, it comes fitted with a turbocharged-intercooled engine, which delivers a maximum power of 90PS at the rate of 2400rpm. Its high torque at lowest rpm results in better pulling ability and its flat torque enables lesser number of gearshifts resulting in less fatigue and more mileage.
The tipper is built in with airbrakes with Load Compensating Regulation Valve (LCRV) for highest safety. It is the first ICV tipper in its class with power steering and clutch booster, offered as standard fitments along with deluxe cabin. This offers the best in driver comfort. The LPK 909 Tipper is available in three variants – heavy-duty tipper, light-duty tipper and cab chassis.
The new Tata LPK 909 Tipper comes with heavy duty aggregates – 310 mm diameter clutch and GBS40 gear box. Its turning circle radius of 5.1 metres is the lowest in its class, which results in better manoeuvrability even in narrow lanes. Tata LPK 909 Tippers are fitted with bigger tyres for longer tyre life. With new airbrakes with LCRV, highest safety standards are maintained even during long haul drives.  
Tata 407 Pickup
The Tata 407 Pickup offers a payload of 2.25 tonnes which is nearly double the payload offered by other pickup vehicles in this category. Thus customers do not face any hassles of overloading. Further, the Tata 407 Pickup gives customers the benefit of a relatively small turning circle radius of 5.5 metres which, along with an overall length of only 4,700mm, helps in manoeuvrability even in narrow lanes. The inherent ability of this vehicle gives customers an opportunity of carrying two-tonne load for longer distances, which translates into more business.
The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a service interval of 20,000km enabling the customer to spend less on maintenance. The legendary 407 platform with three years/ three lakh km warranty gives confidence and assurance of extended life. The Tata 407 Pickup comes with a competitive price, which gives the benefit of almost the same EMI, similar down payment making it an attractive business proposition.

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