October 2014 | Cynthia Rodrigues

Engage to empower

Taking time out from the daily grind to volunteer for social causes is not just worthy behaviour, it has a positive all-round impact — and that is what Tata Engage is driving through its incredible volunteering engine

When over 40,000 employees sign up for a volunteer programme, it sheds light on a basic aspect of human nature — there’s an energy that flows from simple acts of goodness. That’s the energy that is being tapped by the Tata Engage programme, a pan-Tata global initiative that draws together employees from across the world onto a common platform — volunteering for social causes.

Tata Engage is a volunteering programme, organised by the Tata Sustainability Group (TSG), that aims to encourage Tata employees to get involved in the community at large, mainly by contributing their time and skills for social causes. It was launched earlier this year on March 3, 2014, on the occasion of the 175th birth anniversary of the Founder Jamsetji Tata — a fitting tribute to the man whose values were based on principles of corporate citizenship, social welfare and patriotic pioneering.

What makes Tata Engage a unique platform is the way it acts as a multiplier force to create win-win solutions that positively impact all the participants — the volunteers who get to meet new people and learn about new community projects, the companies which are able to focus resources and share best practices, and the partner nonprofits that are able to achieve greater impact. ‘Be the change’ is what Tata Engage encourages, even as it helps connect Tata employees and companies with worthy causes that need support.

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A growing army of helpers
The pool of volunteers registering for the Tata Engage programme continues to grow steadily after each edition
Volunteering as one
Management and employees think alike and do their bit towards making Tata Engage a bigger success
Putting philosophy into practice
Tata Engage volunteers give generously of their time and resources as their actions embody the group philosophy of giving back to society
Making volunteering easy
The Tata Engage volunteering movement continues to grow as better processes and structures are put in place
Service in action
Tata employees across the globe do their bit and give back to the community