July 2015

Chairman's message on customer centricity at Tata

The Chairman speaks about the importance of building a customer-first culture

Cyrus P Mistry As the Tata group sets out to achieve the targets articulated in our Vision 2025 statement, one thing is quite clear: our customers will determine how well we undertake that journey; customer centricity is our road map to success.

Winning new customers while keeping our existing customers happy has to be our focus in the years to come. To enable this, we have to create an organisational culture where the customer is always first. Building such a culture requires us to do three simple but critically important things.

First, we should always remain close to our customers. There is no substitute to meeting customers and being in constant touch with them. Deep business insights emerge from this closeness to customers.

Second, we need to bring a spirit of excellence and perfection to whatever work we do. Our excellence at our work is reflected in the quality of our products and services, and helps us delight our customers.

Third, we should be humble and honest, always willing to walk that extra mile to deliver the best experience to our customers. All our organisational processes must be geared towards making this possible.

As India’s most trusted brand and one of the world’s most valuable brands, we have a unique opportunity to make all this happen by building on the immense trust that our customers have placed in us over so many years. We must deepen our relationship with our customers, understand and anticipate their needs at every step, and create solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

We must let our customers show us the way to Vision 2025.

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