November 2014

A celebration of tribal culture

Tata Steel's Tribal Cultural Society is organising a tribal conclave to provide a platform for highlighting and understanding issues related to tribal communities

As society progresses and better modes of transport, communication, healthcare and ways of living come into being, tribal traditions, languages and cultures are making way for modernisation. Few realise what a loss this is to humanity —for, preservation of tribal culture is integral to understanding who we are, where we come from and how far we have come. Which is why the Tribal Cultural Society, set up by Tata Steel in the 1990s, is committed to the cause of preservation and promotion of tribal culture.

As part of its efforts to highlight the issues faced by tribal cultures, the Tribal Cultural Society is organising ‘Samvaad’, a four-day tribal conclave at Gopal Maidan in Jamshedpur, from November 15–18, 2014.

The four-day event aims to:

  1. Create a common platform for tribal communities to come together.
  2. Bring the collective wisdom of the tribes under one roof so as to stimulate a valuable exchange and cross-pollination of ideas.
  3. Document and, hence, preserve a body of knowledge and a worldview that runs the risk of being obliterated.
  4. Understand the issues and angst of tribal communities and sensitise non-tribals about these, thereby creating empathy and understanding and removing prejudices.
  5. Highlight models that have worked, solutions that can be migrated and success stories of individuals and organisations that can inspire others and create a sense of hope and positivity.

Samvaad will host eminent speakers and experts who will participate in panel discussions and lectures, drawing from experiences and successful case studies from across the tribal belts of India on the topics such as vulnerable tribal groups, tribal livelihoods, tribal perspective on development, tribal medicine systems, tribes and protection of natural habitats, tribal languages and scripts, etc.

Documentary films on tribal subjects will also be screened at the event, along with a kaleidoscope of cultural performances from tribal communities across the country, and demonstrations of tribal handicrafts, textiles, food, publications, etc.