February 16, 2008

Tata Motors showcases its new range of tactical and armoured vehicles at the Defence Expo 2008

  • Tata light specialist vehicle (LSV) launched
  • Other vehicles on display include the armoured Tata Safari, light armoured troop carrier with remote controlled weapon station and the versatile battlefield mobility solution, Tata 8x8 HMV

Tata Motors today displayed its new range of tactical and armoured vehicles at the Defence Expo 2008. This range displays the company's expertise in providing a wide range of military mobility solutions. The company launched its Tata light specialist vehicle (LSV) at the Defence Expo.

Tata Motors has been providing defence solutions for over five decades. The company's range of products on display at the Defence Expo highlights its expertise in developing vehicles that meet the entire spectrum of needs of the military and paramilitary forces. Tata Motors' products have been designed and customised as per the evolving needs of the modern military forces. The Tata LSV is one such platform, which is adaptable to multiple roles, depending on the mission.

Tata light specialist vehicle (LSV)
The Tata LSV, with a 1.2 tonne payload, built to latest military standards, is a single platform to undertake diverse missions such as reconnaissance, counter insurgency operations for special forces and even as an ambulance. The Tata LSV's versatility enables it to perform on the major parameters of mobility, survivability, stealth, lethality, transportability and maintainability as per the demands of a modern military force.

The Tata LSV has an adaptive automatic transmission, 60 per cent gradeability, 300mm vertical obstacle climbing ability, 45 per cent approach angle, 45 per cent departure angle, and 255mm ground clearance. The vehicle can operate in a temperature range of -20 degree to +55 degree Celsius. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 105km / hr.

The Tata LSV can be adapted depending on the requirement, to offer any or all of the following:

  • Light multipurpose reconnaissance vehicle
  • Armed reconnaissance vehicle
  • LSV with protection for counter insurgency operations
  • Observation post party vehicle
  • Field artillery tractor for para-field artillery regiments
  • Reconnaissance vehicle for gun position officer for artillery regiments
  • Reconnaissance, surveillance and Ghatak platoon vehicle for infantry
  • Engineering reconnaissance vehicle
  • Common utility communication vehicle
  • Ambulance vehicle
  • Field repair team vehicle
  • Para (SF) and BC / OC parties of para-field regiment
  • Low-level lightweight radar for air defence artillery
  • IGLA carrier for air defence artillery
  • Coverer vehicle for air defence artillery
  • LSV-based light radio vehicle / communication rover for signals
  • LSV for tactical satellite terminals for signals
  • Shelter for unit entity vehicle for signals
  • Cable utility vehicle for corps of signals
  • Shelter for unit field wireless system for corps of signals

Other vehicles on display include:

Light armoured troop carrier (LATC) with remote controlled weapon station
The LATC is designed for movement of troops of section strength for counter insurgency operation. The vehicle protects the troops against small-arm fire and is fitted with bulletproof glasses. The vehicle floor is protected against hand grenade blasts. The vehicle has a split air conditioning unit for crew comfort. The LATC is fitted with suspended seats and has seat belts for additional safety. The fuel tank is filled with explosive suppression material.

Armoured safari
This NIJ Level III protection vehicle for VVIPs is equipped with features like hand grenade protection for under belly, extra wide footsteps for escorts and red yellow green (RYG) indicator for escort vehicles. It comes with comfortable interiors, plush seating, fine-tuned suspension, and HVAC. The armoured Safari has run flat tyres, five exit doors, and explosive suppressant material in the fuel tank.

Tata 8x8 platform, a versatile battlefield mobility solution
The Tata 8x8 is a unique and versatile platform, capable of being configured to a host of military applications for missile / weapon stations, surveillance equipment, communications and electronics warfare platforms, bridge laying, tank transporters, recovery vehicles, mobile specialist workshops, hook loader applications and load carriers.

On offer is a wide range of specifications to suit individual applications. The Tata 8x8 is powered by a powerful 380-420 HP engine and a versatile 9-16 speed gear box, with heavy-duty transfer cases driving the hub reduction tandem axles to address requirement of high speeds and severe gradients. An option of automatic transmission is also available in this range.

The compensating bogey suspension, capable of operating under severe terrain conditions with full air brakes having optional ABS, takes on a heavy-duty frame. The vehicle is fitted with a tiltable military cabin with good all around visibility, and is compatible to up-armouring.

Tata Motors has been closely associated with Indian Armed Forces since 1958. Over 1,00,000 vehicles have been supplied to Indian military and paramilitary forces so far. Tata Motors' defence solutions cover the complete range of logistics and tactical vehicles. The company has the rare distinction of providing the defence forces with customised solutions for specific defence applications.

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