August 16, 2002

Tanishq launches Collection-G '9 to 5 jewellery' for the working woman

Bangalore: Tanishq, India's leading national jeweller, has launched Collection-G, a superb collection of '9 to 5 jewellery' for working women, in association with the World Gold Council. The modern Indian woman is increasingly independent and confident, regardless of whether she is a career woman or a homemaker.

Not only are an increasing number of women stepping out to work in offices, schools, colleges, banks, health care and media, they are also choosing unconventional careers such as photography, jewellery design and aviation. And they are constantly looking for the right workwear and accessories, whether it is clothes, shoes, handbags or jewellery.

Extensive research has, however, shown that workwear is a mystery that often intrigues and bewilders the modern Indian woman, especially the jewellery. Homemakers are also looking for everyday wear jewellery. Tanishq's Collection-G offers the modern Indian woman a perfect solution to this critical need.

It is the first ever collection of jewellery tailormade to suit the requirements of working women. Tanishq's Collection-G is modern and innovative jewellery crafted in pure 22 karat gold. The highlights of this exquisite new jewellery collection are the unique finishes and textures used, which make the designs stylish and modern.

A beautiful fusion of high polish gold, different finishes and colour combinations render a contemporary, distinctive touch to the entire collection. With prices beginning at just Rs 595, Tanishq's Collection-G jewellery is incredibly affordable, and working women can use this collection to make the concept of '9 to 5 jewellery' come alive!

There are more than 90 unique designs, including earring-pendant sets, neckwear, bangles, bracelets, chains and rings. Speaking at a press conference to launch this new collection, Aanchal Jain, brand manager, Tanishq, said, "Tanishq's Collection-G meets an important need which every working woman has; the need for jewellery which perfectly meets her workwear requirements.

"With the launch of this collection, she can now wear jewellery which is both contemporary and functional, and therefore ideally suited for workwear. This is pure 22 karat jewellery at its finest, and this collection has a versatile look which makes it ideal both for Indian and western workwear clothes. Tanishq's Collection G jewellery will be every working womans 9 to 5 companion, and will help her celebrate every single day in her life!"

Hiroo Mirchandani, marketing director, World Gold Council, added, "On behalf of the World Gold Council, we welcome this partnership with Tanishq, India's national jeweller, which is in line with our worldwide initiative to contemporarise gold. Tanishq's Collection-G is truly distinctive, and will be a source of joy for every young, working woman."

Harish Bhat, VP, sales and marketing, Tanishq, added, "Gold jewellery has been caught in a traditional design time warp. Tanishq is delighted to collaborate with WGC, in creating a new collection which marries the perennial allure of pure gold with a contemporary and versatile design style."

In a short span of five years, Tanishq has become India's jeweller of choice. Even today, Tanishq is the only national jeweller in India with an unmatched consumer reach, through 53 exclusive showrooms in 41 cities. Tanishq today commands the respect of over one million consumers.

The company's constantly evolving range begins from gold jewellery in 22 karat and extends to very affordable diamond-studded jewellery as well. Tanishq's jewellery pieces start from a very affordable Rs 600 and also include special custom-designed high value jewellery sets at the top end. Tanishq offers exchange for any jewellery with its unique 'impure to pure' exchange programme, and also offers a very attractive installment saving scheme called 'Golden Harvest'.