April 2006

Watch out for Xylys

From its movements to the refined watch face and hands and the bold yet elegant case, a Xylys watch is indeed a unique timepiece

Are you looking for something other than a Radoor Tissot? Then the newest entry in the contemporary watch segment might just catch your eye. It's Xylys, Titan's latest watch collection. Exuding style, attitude and power, the watch is all set to storm the premium watch segment in India so far dominated by well-known European brands.

Titan aims to bring about a redefinition of sorts in the premium watch segment with Xylys. It is targeted at new generation achievers who go beyond the obious, who know who they are and set their own standards and live by their own values. It is a style statement for those who stand apart from the crowd.

A watch from the Xylys collection

Commenting on the brand, Titan Industries managing director Bhaskar Bhat said, "This launch is one of the most significant for the company as Xylys addresses the discerning globalised customer. We have placed this brand at the uppermost end of the market and are confident that Xylys will change the dynamics of the premium watch market in India. A whole new set of customers will aspire to buy premium watches, thereby growing this segment." The premium watch market is estimated to be growing at a pace of over 20 per cent annually and is expected to witness phenomenal growth in the future.

Xylys has been created in collaboration with renowned Swiss designer Laurent Rufenacht and Titan's own design advisor Michael Foley. It is manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory in Switzerland, which is backed by a heritage of 80 years in the art of Swiss watch making with all its intricate trappings of exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable detailing. All the watches are created with a fine sense of design, painstakingly made from carefully selected materials and crafted with a passion for detail. Every aspect of a Xylys watch, right from its movements to the refined watch face and hands and the bold yet elegant case, contribute to the uniqueness of the Xylys timepiece.

Priced between Rs10,000 and Rs33,000, the Xylys range of watches come in three collections — Contemporary, Classic and Sport and offers over 60 distinctive models. Commenting on the brand, Foley said that the main challenge was to create a signature style for the collection that was achieved by using consistent brand elements across parts of the watch in novel ways. "All the three lines are unique. The Classic collection uses clean, sophisticated and soft lines and there is great emphasis on detail and the experience of wearing the watch. The Sport collection is bold and the Contemporary line brings out the grandeur of architecture on the watch," he added.

A watch from the Xylys collection

Xylys will be available at select World of Titan showrooms, key multi-brand outlets and at exclusive flagship boutiques in select cities. Xylys will be available in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi at the launch phase and will be rolled out to five more cities by July 2006.

Actor Rahul Bose, international supermodel Saira Mohan and tennis star Carlos Moya are the three brand ambassadors of Xylys. They embody the attitude of living life fearlessly on their own terms with a passion to pursue their dreams.