March 2012 | Gayatri Kamath

What's cooking at Tata Chemicals?

Some enterprises grow vertically, others horizontally. Tata Chemicals has done both, and more, over the past six years. And it is now positioning itself as a provider of solutions that address tomorrow’s food, water, health and climate-change challenges

The changing face of Tata Chemicals
The company has moved away from its ‘chemical’ identity to position itself as a provider of solutions. Its businesses have been restructured as LIFE: living (consumer), industrial and farming essentials. And the new facets of the Tata Chemicals persona are being expressed as its new vision — serving society through science
It’s all about consumer interest
The transformation at Tata Chemicals has also led to the creation of a much bigger portfolio of consumer products
When one is better than many
In an exercise with much to be gained from, Tata Chemicals’ multiple entities have been brought together under a common brand and vision