October 17, 2001

Tanishq's jewellery at last year's Diwali gold prices

Tanishq, the leading national jeweller, today launched its unique 'Smart Gold' offer, allowing customers to now buy Tanishq gold jewellery at the same gold rate that prevailed during last year's Diwali. Tanishq 'Smart Gold' offer is the first of its kind in the country and the offer is available at all 48 Tanishq showrooms across the country.

With the uncertainties that currently exist in the gold market, Tanishq's 'Smart Gold' offer will significantly benefit customers buying Tanishq jewellery during the current festival season.

Speaking at the launch of the 'Smart Gold' offer, Ms. Y.L. Saroja, Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing, Tanishq, said, "Customers have become apprehensive about buying gold today as a result of the rapidly fluctuating gold rates during the past month. The festive season in India is always the customary time for buying gold jewellery and Tanishq wishes to make it easier for our customers. Tanishq 'Smart Gold' is our unique offering, and makes this the smartest time to buy gold!"

The 'Smart Gold' offer will not merely protect Tanishq customers from uncertainties in the gold rate, it comes with the guaranteed stamp of purity which Tanishq stands for, throughout the country. This offer is valid for a limited period of time.

In a short span of five years Tanishq has become India's Jeweller of Choice. Even today Tanishq is the only national jeweller in India with an unmatchable consumer reach through 48 exclusive boutiques in 38 cities. This brand today commands the respect of over one million customers.

The company's constantly evolving range begins from gold jewellery in 22 Kt and extends to top of the line diamond studded jewellery. Tanishq's jewellery prices start from a very affordable Rs. 600 and has specially custom designed high value sets at the top end.