July 2016

Caring for our cities

Enhancing the quality of life in India's urban spaces and sprawls - that's the objective behind the blend of initiatives being supported by the Tata Trusts in spheres such as education, health, livelihoods, culture and conservation

Easing transition

Tata Trusts began its urban poverty and livelihoods programme by focusing on the fallouts of urban migration

    Urban poverty interventions launched
    9 States
    Covered under urban poverty and livelihoods programme
  • Urban poverty strategy focuses on
    3 areas
    migration, skill enhancement, habitat
    Migration resource centres set up under first phase of migration programme
Migrants benefited from the migration programme
Social security claims of migrants settled
Wage non-payment claims of migrants resolved

Reviving the urban landscape

The media, arts and culture portfolio of the Trusts was set up to preserve and protect India's cultural heritage and dying art forms

  • Restores Humayun's Tomb to its previous glory in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation Delhi
  • Supports Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in its Art Conservation Resurgence Project Mumbai
  • Helps to preserve 60,000 pages of rare imprints at the Roja Muthiah Research Library Chennai

Nurturing growth

The Integrated Approach to Technology in Education broadens students' knowledge beyond what is available in textbooks

Works with

  • Samaritan Help Missionin Howrah
  • SAHERin Mumbai
  • Azad Siksha Kendrain Jaunpur

to implement this in madrasas

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