Lasting legacies

Online version of the special commemorative issue of Tata Review, the Tata publication, that chronicles the lives and achievements of three Tata titans: Jamsetji Tata, JRD Tata, Naval Tata

Jamsetji Tata | JRD Tata | Naval Tata | Acknowledgements | Letters from readers
Jamsetji Tata
Profile: The giant who touched tomorrow
Photo feature
Tata Steel: A feel for steel
Indian Hotels: Diamond by the sea
IISc: Science with a soul
Townships: An idea called Jamshedpur
Townships: How green is my valley
Trusts: Giving back to the people
KR Narayan: 'The Tata scholarship shaped my personal
and professional life'
RA Mashelkar: Lighting the path
Dwijendra Tripathi: For company and country
R Gopalakrishnan: The Tata samskar
Raja Ramanna: Small sum, quantum leap
DM Ghia: Giant deeds, quiet steps
JRD Tata
Profile: Spirit of the skies
Photo feature
Air India: How the Maharaja got his wings
Tata Motors: Motoring magic
Tata Chemicals: Chemicals with a capital sea
TIFR: Fanning the spirit of frontier science
TISS: Shaping a society with social purpose
TMTC: Mentoring Indian managers
Keshub Mahindra: from here to eternity
T Thomas: Different strokes
RM Lala: Heart of the matter
Sudha Murthy: Appro JRD
JJ Irani: An instinct for people
Maneck Dalal: One of a kind
SA Sabavala: The man behind the icon
JJ Bhabha: The JRD Tata I knew
FC Kohli: IT takes vision and wisdom
D Bose: The greatest Air Indian of 'em all
Farrokh K Kavarana: Forever young
Naval Tata
Profile: A life lived from the heart
Photo feature
Tata Power: The power of dreams
TMC: Private philanthropy, public good
Sports: Sporting Samaritan
Arts: Art from the heart
Simone Tata: Keeper of the flame
Francis Blanchard: 'Naval was unique'
NA Soonavala: An industrialist and a visionary
BG Deshmukh: Remembering the titans
Raphaël Lagasse: A labour of love
Ram S Tarneja: My friend Naval
JK Sethna: An August requiem
IP Anand — Man for all reasons