Future thinking

The Tata group leverages innovative technologies, new thinking and breakthrough ideas to stay future-ready


Game-changing tech
Dr Gopichand Katragadda looks at how technology has pushed the frontiers to impact the performance of sportspersons and the experience of viewers.

'Technology is going to decide how businesses are run'
Ratan Tata, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata group and Chairman, Tata Trusts, speaks about the economy and its drivers, technology and its disruptions, and the challenges confronting communities.

Innovating for immediate needs
India will present a tremendous market opportunity over the next decade in key areas such as energy, water and transportation, says Dr Gopichand Katragadda.

Motoring makeover
The recast underway at Tata Motors marks the beginning of a transformation designed to power the company into the future.

Transforming commerce, transforming India
mjunction CEO Vinaya Varma talks about the company's role in bringing about a level playing field for buyers and sellers, its USPs and its roadmap for the future.

Talking beverages
Ajoy Misra, managing director of Tata Global Beverages, speaks about the company's strategies to tackle the fluidity in the beverage market.

Coal to acetylene - the pit stop fixes
Process innovations in the manufacturing of acetylene from coal by Tata Consulting Engineers has led to multiple benefits, says Mahesh Marve, senior vice-president and chief technology officer.

Materials technology as a competitive advantage
Carbon steel is the most used material in engineering, accounting for 85-90 percent of the steel produced in the world. Dr Gopichand Katragadda tells the story of the centuries-old Indian connection with this metal alloy.

What India can do differently in agriculture: Sarthak Krishi Yojana
A research paper published by R Gopalakrishnan and Dr YSP Thorat on the issues facing Indian agriculture and what India can do about them.

Finding your innovation edge
Dr Gopichand Katragadda, group chief technology officer, Tata Sons, on what can help organisations realise their innovation potential.

Solving problems the mjunction way
Viresh Oberoi, CEO and MD, mjunction Services, speaks about the journey of the company from selling steel online to solving problems whenever and wherever commerce takes place.

Economic reforms with judicial reforms
Judicial reforms are the need of the hour to enable India to facilitate economic growth, says Bharat Vasani, General Counsel, Tata Sons.

Intersection of operational excellence and innovation revealed as 'Sweet Spot' for successful business transformations by TCS research
The research evaluates changing nature of business transformation, unveils factors that change focus and expected outcomes, and identifies tools to ensure successful transformation programmes.

India's millennials revel in their contradictions at work and play
Titan Company's Millennial Paradox Quarterly reveals an intensely and determinedly individual, yet a most collective generation.

A fine gain
By finding a novel way to cluster ferro-alloy fines, Tata Steel has cut down on production costs, minimised in-process losses of raw material, and reduced the environmental load of its product.

Harmony in flux
In a world's first, Tata Steel has discovered the use of 'dual flux' at its pellet plant, boosting productivity in a dramatic fashion, improving fuel conservation and bringing emissions to lower levels.

Coal competency
System modifications undertaken by Tata Power to permit use of cheaper coal has resulted in a significant reduction in fuel costs, and this has enabled the Mundra power project to remain viable.

Nothing flaky here
Years of research paid off for Rallis India when it succeeded in making a premium version of its popular herbicide, Pendimethalin, giving global customers a convenient option.

Beverages fortified
A unique cap-dosing technology developed by Tata Global Beverages allows consumers to easily add nutritious supplements to bottled beverages without losing the potency of the formulation.

Linking is lucrative
Tata Consultancy Services' 'connected marketing solutions' are aimed at increasingly 'connected' consumers, which translates into addressing the needs of global enterprise marketing teams.

Money wise
The ingenious strategy followed by Tata Consultancy Services' infrastructure services team has helped double revenues, and enabled customers to benefit from lower IT operating costs'

Presentation art
The innovative use of 3D video mapping and audience interactivity by Jaguar Land Rover has created a standout marketing asset that is drawing rave reviews in creative forums worldwide.

Steely kind of star
The new bake-hardened, high-strength, low-alloy steel developed by Tata Steel has the potential to replace the metal that is currently being used by automobile manufacturers.

A tweet in time
The 'event detection engine' is an innovative tool developed by Tata Consultancy Services that helps its clients detect 'events' such as disasters from social media in real time.

Potent medicine
The 'drug discovery knowledge platform' crafted by Tata Consultancy Services has the potential to make the process of drug discovery easier and fetch the company plenty of revenue.